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60-year-old uncle bought a physical love doll

Our village has an uncle over 50 years old. The whole village praises him very much, not because he is rich, but because his family has nine real love dolls.
You might think that only young people buy physical love dolls, but today, not only did my 60-year-old uncle buy physical love dolls, but nine.
The oldest people are also very popular online. He often took physical love dolls for lower body love doll walks, shoots and video shoots and posted them on the internet for sharing. People on the internet love his work and call it "Uncle Lee".

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Love doll purchase experience
Uncle Lee already has nine love dolls in his family since 2014, but he doesn't buy love dolls himself, some are given as gifts, others are kept by his friends. There is also. The reason is that these anime sex doll may not be needed or accepted by today's families.
Uncle Lee has as many as nine Dutch wives, but I don't hate any of them, but treat them equally and cherish them. The price of Dutch wife seemed to be over 100,000 yen, but he didn't think much about it.
He is now said to have hundreds of costumes, perhaps Guqin, guitars, violins and pipes.
According to Uncle Lee, all Dutch wives are currently used only for filming and not for any other purpose.
When asked about his love for Dutch wife, he replied, "I think it's love, I think it's like my father."
Regardless of the outsider's thoughts, his son accepts his family's love dolls as sisters.
"I've never heard of it. I don't know because it was said behind the scenes. Silicon love doll." This is what Uncle Lee said about his outside perception.
In fact, everyone has their own tastes and choices, but don't pay too much attention to the opinions of others like Uncle Lee.

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