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A full-body love doll made of high-simulation material similar to human skin.

In today's society, there is more and more coverage of prostitution and derailment, as well as reports of the consequences of pornography and illegal activity. The social and family consequences of prostitution and derailment need no longer be said. Not only does this incident result in irreparable loss of personal honor and social fame, but it does not prevent potential health risks and moral hazard even if the incident is not exposed. Ignore it.

What is the reason why similar news and incidents continue to come out even though the social acceptance is low knowing that there is all kinds of damage and the government is making a lot of efforts for visibility continuously? ?? Divorce, separation of husband and wife, etc. Women's normal sexual desires cannot be met in the usual way, so we are looking for a satisfying way out of the usual way. Relying solely on administrative punishment or social criticism for social issues such as prostitution and derailment without resolving the fundamental desires of human nature is almost the same as stopping pouring water, but temporarily. It can be alleviated and is prone to recurrence in the unlikely event. It will not be resolved.

The advent of love dolls ( offers another way to solve similar social problems. Aiwawa is a whole body love doll made of high simulation material similar to human skin. The beautiful and simulated anthropomorphic appearance has built-in skeletons and joints, is free to move, and can mimic real sex dolls in various poses and movements. Currently Aiwawa products are widely used in model photography, cosplay and dating services. Divorce, singles separated in two places, lonely elderly, disabled, adolescents and youth education have special implications.

173cm H Cup Sexy Blonde BBW Sex Doll Naika WM Doll

In fact, the love doll brand store started in 2016 at the RealDoll production base in the Zhongshan Temple of Shandong Province. Now, in response to the complaints of users all over China, we have established special stores in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, Past, Xiangyang and Hubei. , And Shantou, Guangdong. If there were more stores than Aiwawa, it immediately caused a sensation in society. This is the first Aiwa theme franchise store in China and the surrounding area. Various types of Aiwa products are on display and sold at stores, and will continue to be sold in the future. Users who need to relate to the mainland region and its surrounding areas get the gospel.

Aiwa: "Long nights, sleepless nights", Aiwa brand in niche markets. When you finish your day's work entertainment, get tired, get drunk and come home, you'll find a kind of emptiness, loneliness and cold when you discover that there's only one empty room, a lonely big bed. You will feel it. Rising feeling?

"My wife is divorced and the RealDolls follow the elderly. When no one is at home, they don't want to come home, but rather outside." Product engineer Wang Sheng (pseudonym) is one such person. He doesn't want to go to a prostitute because he felt "dirty and scared of getting sick". Did it become clear that there is no good way to find another woman to live with? "I wondered if it would be a real mini sex doll." After all, he came after learning about real dolls on the internet. To the factory on the weekend to order Aiwa. "I also found a lot of information on the internet. When I buy online, I face the scams I throw and I'm afraid of chillers. After all, there are tens of thousands of things. Such people's worries."

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