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Ai Sex Doll Maintenance Guidelines

Aiwawa strongly recommends that you look at the item on the spot and receive the item conditionally. Protect YIN privately throughout the process. Believing in the figure and not believing in the introduction is to believe.

1. High simulation, love doll closest to the touch of a real person.
2. Oriental face, perfect looks of Oriental.
3. Aiwa's limbs and joints are free to move and can be shaped satisfactorily as needed.
4. Aiwawa uses safe and harmless luxury eco-friendly materials.
5. The metal frame inside the Dutch wife prevents deformation for a long time. Customers who need Taobao One Piece delivery or wholesale price can negotiate the price. Below is an actual photo taken with a woman I took directly. The fact is that no one is familiar with the technology.

One: How to use Aiwa Before using, Aiwa needs to be disinfected with a sex sitting use disinfectant spray. You can wipe the equipment with a disinfectant wipe or 75% medical alcohol cotton. A human body lubricant is applied to the skin at the time of use. Lubricate the inside of the equipment thoroughly, or wear a condom that contains a lot of lubricant. If the inside of the equipment is not sufficiently lubricated, the gel is prone to cracking at the entrance and exit of the equipment. After use: Rinse the lubricant inside the device with tap water and disinfect it with a sexual mechanism disinfectant spray, or wipe the inside of the device with a disinfectant wipe or 75% medical alcohol cotton to disinfect. , Put the equipment in a warm place. Reduce the amount of cleaning water for about 2 to 3 minutes. Dry it naturally or wipe the inside and surface of the product with a dry cloth and store it in a dark place.

Both: Love doll activity range
1. The love doll's head can be lifted up and down, movement cannot exceed 45 degrees, and left and right rotation cannot exceed 45 degrees. 2. Aiwa's arms and upper limbs can be raised about 60 degrees in front of the chest. It can be bent slightly back 20 degrees. Lift horizontally from both sides so that they are about 60 degrees at the same height as your chest. The biceps brachii can rotate 90 degrees in one direction. 3. RealDoll's hips can be bent back and forth, allowing you to stand upright and sit.
4. The love doll's legs can separate the thighs up to 170 degrees, and one leg split can raise the legs up to 100 degrees. The knee joint can be bent 90 degrees.

3: Ai sex doll maintenance guideline
1. Aiwawa's zhen-like skin is non-toxic and made of tasteless imported high molecular weight silicone rubber. If the silicone product is left for a long time, some oil leaks on the surface. This is a phenomenon caused by the silicone oil contained in the silicone formula, which is a normal phenomenon, so wipe it gently with a towel. If you use it with a woman, the surface will get dirty and dirty, so you can maintain good performance of women and skin and manage it every time to clean the surface of Dutch wife. prize. The maintenance cycle depends on the conditions of use and storage environment, and is generally better once a month.
2. How to manage love dolls: First, lightly wipe the surface of the small milk love doll with a sponge or towel moistened with warm water, and if the surface of the sex doll is dirty, soapy water (soap, laundry detergent, shampoo, etc.) Shower gel). Do not use corrosive detergents such as strong acids, strong alkaline solutions, river disinfectants, and detergents. After the surface has dried, apply hot powder or talc powder on the sex doll. It has the effect of protecting the skin with women.

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4: The storage environment to protect the love doll allows the love doll to be used for a long time and has certain storage space requirements. A good storage environment for sex dolls can prevent the aging of silicone, skin and internal parts of sex dolls and greatly extend the life of sex dolls.
1. Avoid direct sunlight as Aiwawa will fade slightly if exposed to sunlight for a long period of time.
2. The surface of the sex doll is easy to get dusty to avoid excessive dirt, stickiness and static electricity. Aiwawa Place it so that dirt that can be offensive to cleaning is not removed.
3. Avoid in a humid environment as it will absorb moisture. The material of the realistic sex doll itself is not good. Wipe the sex doll with water or take a bath, but do not soak the sex doll in water for a long time.
4. Do not put the love doll on artificial leather or dyed leather seats for too long. The fat-soluble pigment contained in this product may color the love doll and allow the color to soak into the inside of the sex doll. It is difficult to delete. You can wear light-colored or colorless clothes, or you can put them in a bag for a love doll.
5. To avoid too high or low room temperature Aiwa cannot stay in an environment with too high or too low temperature for a long time. The optimum storage environment temperature is between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius. This can be done with an electric blanket, but the temperature should be too high. To avoid colloidal changes.
6. Do not force the love doll when you place it. Do not place heavy objects on the sex doll as it may cause deformation when squeezed for a long time. Avoid locally assembling or tightening love stones for long periods of time.
7. Aiwawa's material is flammable, so keep it away from fire.

1: How to wear Aiwa's clothes Aiwa can move her limbs, but has a certain range of activities. To protect RealDoll's skin when dressed in a sex doll, please note the following: Brush visible hot powder or talcum powder before putting on clothes. If you have static electricity, you can use an antistatic spray. But don't spend too much. 2. Sex dolls should not bend their limbs excessively and do not beetle their arms too high when dressing. The silicone on the surface of the sex doll may crack. 3. Be careful of scratches on the love doll Do not wear clothing or accessories with sharp corners. If your clothes have sharp buttons, chains or other accessories, be careful when wearing them.
4. You can pierce the silicone with a wire or needle that Aiwa goes through when piercing the ear or belly and wearing earrings and other accessories, but the diameter is over 0.5mm It must not be cut with a knife. Or something sharp. And after wearing the earrings, you cannot remove the earrings to prevent the sex doll from breaking. 5. I like sex dolls that prevent dyeing. Any garment is made of dyed artificial leather or other oil dye material. The colors of these kinds of leather and cloth sex dolls can get into the sex doll for a long time and cause the sex doll's skin. change. Please do not wear it for a long time. These clothes should not cause discoloration of the sex doll.

6: Aiwa Repair Method Aiwa products are very soft and are prone to cracking, wrinkling and damage if used improperly. Do not cut the sex doll without touching the surface of the sex doll with a sharp object in use. If you have an incision in the silicon, you can use Continue to tear it gradually along the direction of the incision and inflict complete damage. .. If your baby's skin is cracked, stop using it immediately and repair it. Silica gel cannot be used with common adhesives. When repairing, please use a special repair agent. If the damage is not significant, you can try the repair yourself or ask the first customer center for a silicone repair company. Please contact us for the specific method. If the damage is too great, you can apply for a return to the factory for repair and you will be responsible for the freight.

7: Women's Precautions Women's products may be damaged or cracked due to improper use or careless handling due to the characteristics of imported high molecular weight silicone rubber silicone products themselves. When moving a sex doll, be sure to hug your torso and do not pull on your limbs and head. We are repairing a Dutch wife that was sold for free within half a year! However, silica gel is a non-regenerated material, and it is an unavoidable phenomenon that fine scratches occur during repair and bonding. Customers who purchase Aiwa at the same time will receive a free make-up refill within half a year from the date of sale! Customers have to pay the fare!

This product can be bent freely and can maintain various postures, but it cannot be moved frequently. It is advisable to change the appearance of the movement from time to time for display. Please note that the sex doll may be damaged due to excessive activity or excessive movement angle. There is no problem with the appearance and use, which leaves very few impurities and marks on the surface of the rub stone when silica gel is applied. At the same time, the baby's shoulders, head, hands, and soles are a little clogged due to the fixed internal bones, which is an unavoidable normal phenomenon.

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