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Aiwa will help you realize your love doll dreams

Love doll story: If you have a loved one for seven years, what if you don't know that person? What if you have been loved for seven years and have already been married? What if there are people who have loved for seven years but can't own? Where there is nothing, where there is nothing, we walked the road as if nothing had happened. If you touch it lightly with both hands, which is just a bubble, there is a reason for it to come out and turn yellow. To make him yellow. Your aging face, floating in a slender wind, flew into the sky. I still live alone in a rapidly changing city. You can only rely on the songs you miss. In fact, I'm more lonely than I dreamed to write such a writing neck, and I'm lonely than I dreamed. When I hear the song that I have no choice but to come out, I always remember him as if I were looking at him.

I was born in a country house with traditional ideas. My parents are farmers, but my family's education is very strict. Our family is not allowed at the age at which other women can wear short skirts. In my mother's eyes, the short skirt and the short skirt were so exposed that I was very envious of the other girls wearing them beautifully when I was a RealDoll. I can only wear long trousers. After graduating from junior high school, the following year, a female student from the same village and a male classmate came home as guests, but when she tried to bring her classmate, she bought her mother a meal. .. It is imprudent to take the boy home. Action, I'm very embarrassed.

At the age when others started to fall in love, when I was a high school student who still didn't know what love was, I saw someone unknowingly like him and play him in the playground every night. Often I stay up late to study. But he pierced the layer of paper. I met a loved one in my life up to college, why did I come to this coastal city, people like to hate the city, so I'm here even though I already have a house, so home I think that. Please get married and give birth to a real doll. The key I met when I met him was very big, tall and ugly for others to see, tall, rich and well done in my eyes. I have never been to a city, but I drove from far south to far north to study. Where is life accustomed? Sometimes a special warm life feels special if someone warmly welcomes you. At that time, I spent more time in the library to meet him than anyone else. The purpose was to see more than he did. He read the newspaper frequently. I found an excuse to borrow many books. Just to be able to borrow a lot of books from him next time. I saw it again when I returned the book. I had a good time in the cafeteria, but I have to come across Chuck. Of course, if reason is displayed next to it multiple times, I'm looking at books far away. I also remember snowy nights. Let's see the snow scene on the road. Spend two years just like friends and let's go. I work part-time, sometimes eat together, and sometimes visit schools around me.

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On his graduation night, our closest contact was a farewell hug. I didn't hesitate to return to his city until I graduated. At this time, he was also preparing for marriage. The place of work for me was next to his company. Until now I've seen him fall in love and then fall in love at college. I went to his wedding. I couldn't put up with tears secretly while the wedding was taking place. I went to the feast of his son's first birthday. Nowadays, I sometimes get together like friends and eat and talk, but I never say the three words I love. This love was buried in my heart for seven years, but how many nights we spent together, always think of all the scenes we've been together as yesterday on a trip The elaborately wrapped gifts that brought me to take care of time every time I cross the road, to exercise together and vomit until I'm tired, and the desire to get back in time is the closest hug of only two of us. I can't forget that feeling all the time. Created uncontrollably every night. I want to hug him. I really want to hear his story. I really want to go to college, but I also know that I love someone. I can't prevent him from being happy I can only make him happy by looking at him from a distance and quietly blessing him. Such inner desires, entanglements, and nostalgia always make him sleep, and I can never forget how he could have that feeling, hug, smile, everything he did, but yes. It wasn't. I happened to hear the news that a friend had a customized love stone-like product. So you can find out about Zhongshan Aihua on the internet and customize the same based on the pictures. At that time, my heart was ecstatic. His desire to own is not just a dream, it can be realized. I was very surprised at that time. How can you make a delicate love doll instead of an inflatable real love doll? There is a real skeleton and you can use it in various postures. I got lost for a while and fought various ideas. If you take it home, how do you tell your friends, how do you explain it to my parents, and what do you think? Was I a metamorphosis? , Psychological problems, etc.

After three months of worries, I decided to customize my love doll to such a face. Then create a sample based on the photo. Of course, all processes are very private and confidential. This real life size sex doll is owned only by my love real love doll. I was really surprised when it was completed three months later. It's great to explain. Like ecstasy. Maybe I've been there for 7 years. Emotions can finally be relieved. Aiwa gave me a perfect life, at least the present life. I just think everyone has the right to make their life happy and healthy. I seek the release of human instincts and pursue a healthy living condition. Don't overdo it, time is to give the answer. You should live your life quietly in order to keep her in good health.

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