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Bobby is a love doll with the love of women all over the world

Aiwawa has now become the most noticeable and expensive Dutch wife. Few people actually think that there is a deep relationship between the three. According to the British Daily Mail, in the book "Mussolini's Barber" published in the United Kingdom, author Graeme Donald talks about the alternative history of the Nazi army. To prevent the spread of Nazi military sexually transmitted diseases, non-Aria Hitler ordered SS commander Himmler to secretly develop a real Dutch wife similar to the physiological structure of women. The spread of sexually transmitted diseases afflicted the Nazi occupation forces, and in the 20th century syphilis began to spread to all troops.

It is estimated that 10% of soldiers suffered from syphilis during World War I. Even after the outbreak of World War II, sexually transmitted diseases are still a serious problem affecting the military's combat power, and participants across the country have set up numerous treatment centers but still solve the infection problem. was difficult. Writer Graeme Donald wrote in his new book: At that time, many troops collapsed in front of syphilis instead of bullets. Hitler realized that syphilis was a big problem. In 1940, the Germans won a big victory on the battlefield and France surrendered. However, after entering Paris Hua and World, venereal disease spread among German troops on the Western Front as German military officers and soldiers found flowers and had sexual intercourse with many French prostitutes. Himmler, the leader of the Nazi SS, wrote to Hitler, stating that accidental contact with a French woman poses serious health risks to the German army on the Western Front. The biggest threat posed to our army in Paris is the widespread and unlimited prostitutes who frequently seek customers in bars, dance halls and elsewhere. We are responsible for preventing soldiers from taking great risks to their health in finding short-term stimuli. Hitler agreed with Himmler. To curb the spread of venereal diseases, the head of state of the Nazis personally ordered the implementation of a plan codenamed Borghild. According to this plan, the German Institute for Ethnic Health and Population Biology is responsible for designing an artificial self-defense force made of silicon to prevent soldiers from being confused and syphilis.

Initially, the designer contacted the famous Hungarian actress Cass von Nagy and agreed to use her as a prototype to design an inflatable love doll, but Nagy refused. In the end, researchers decided that the soldiers would follow the mediocre, German, female image of blue eyes and blonde hair so that they could imagine their sexual fantasy objects on their own. According to the new book, there was fierce controversy over love doll hairstyles, with some arguing that some designers had to design with spiral knitting, but in the end the man's short hair won. German sculptor Arthur Rick, who participated in the design work, said such real love dolls are smaller than they really are and can carry soldiers backpacks and roam the various battlefields. After the primary amount of sex dolls came out, he said that he first divided them into the German troops stationed in the block. The blockage is located on the Channel Islands of England, which was the only British territory occupied by German troops during World War II and fell in May 1940.

Researchers who had a very good effect on the female independent trial at Jersey Barracks improved it and achieved perfection. The improved sex love doll left a deep impression on Himmler, who immediately ordered 50 love dolls for his army. But this Nazi plan died in just one year. On the one hand, many soldiers, whose popularity with German sex love dolls has fallen sharply over time, are ashamed to carry masturbation supplies and refuse to use them. German military officers were worried that the Germans caught by the enemy on this sex stone battlefield would be ridiculed worldwide. In early 1942, the Nazi leadership eventually canceled the Box Child project.

In February 1945, the Royal Air Force, the United States Army, and the Air Force jointly launched a large-scale air raid on Dresden, eastern Germany. Evolution with this after the war. During the war, Bobby's mother accidentally discovered that it could be a Nazi-made military balloon love doll, influencing German manufacturers. After the end of World War II, in 1955 the 30 cm high, 19 cm Chongqi love doll was released at the same time under the name Lily love doll. These two sizes of lily love dolls were first sold at bars and tobacco stores. Because of the exposed dress, many parents think that it is not suitable for women with products that satisfy men's illusions. The fact that Barbie's mother likes to play with her daughter Barbie (abbreviated as Barbie) with a paper love doll, and she likes to play with a love doll born like an adult, not a baby or a woman. I came to know. A love doll is a cute little angel with a round chubby similar to the screen image of the famous child star Shirley Temple.

Ruth, who traveled to Europe with her family in 1956, accidentally saw a lily love doll at a German nightclub and several specialty stores and bought three. After she bought RealDoll, she suddenly thought Ruth: Women need to combine the benefits of undisclosed love dolls, lily love dolls and temple love dolls? Gradually with the efforts of Silk and other engineers, Ruth invited a fashion designer to design a big-breasted love doll outfit and built the love doll's name as Barbie after her daughter's name. ..3

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On March 9, 1959, Bobby officially appeared at the US International Toy Fair in New York. According to Graeme Donald, Ruth bought mini sex doll without knowing the adult product line. Later, she realized that this physical woman wasn't a toy, but she and her husband made Barbie from it. Only real love dolls developed by Japanese women (Aiwa) are popular names, and in fact most products do not have balloons. Japan in the 1970s first developed a plastic balloon masturbation mechanism and became the first commercialized real love doll. This product is called Dutch Wife because it is flexible before use and can be folded after use. In fact, there is no difference between the traditional real love doll and the love doll loved by women in the past. This is to meet the special needs of some people. Among them, the Japanese impulse love doll developed most rapidly. This can be associated with the special sexual orientation of the Japanese. In the 1980s, a new palm-sized love doll was introduced, which was easy to carry and concealed, and was a Durdon product that attracted many consumers at one time. I am. In order to reduce costs and raise the sexual interest of fans, Japan developed sex doll technology in the late 1980s and began to access mannequins, but love dolls made at such a low price are handy. Can't bend. And the legs and their faces have edges, and the horns simply have no human shape. Eventually, after meticulous research and development, the Japanese regained their creativity and the new modular love dolls began to hit the market in the mid-1990s.

With the advancement of technology, this product emphasizes the skin and feel like an increasingly fragmented human, but due to the poor technique, only the brush gives this feeling and still feels stiff. Probably. When pressed hard. Later the Japanese tried a hard-bone love doll to make every part of the product well, but in reality the effect was not ideal. Breakthrough products began to appear in the late 1990s and early 21st century. The Japanese have developed a real love doll with flexible hands and feet that not only gives a real touch, but more importantly, allows the user to fit in any posture. In addition, we have made epoch-making progress in the material, using a new material with excellent durability and heat resistance such as silica gel, and some people bring a love doll when taking a bath. In recent years, real human love dolls have continuously improved their facial expressions, creating them more like real people and making them look more attractive. Even with many products, my boyfriend has reached the level of vomiting blood!

The future trend is to add a microcomputer to the body of a real human love doll and wait for advanced technology to intelligently create TPE love dolls, recognize users and respond in cooperation with users. I believe in The distance between her and the actual human is getting smaller and smaller. Since the reform and opening up, sex toys in Japan's Zhongshan region have developed rapidly, and the most influential companies have begun mass-producing love dolls with French capital and Japanese technology. It is exported to Europe, America and Japan. Please wait for some developed countries. If permitted by law, there is an entertainment district responsible for people's entertainment and entertainment. Laws in many countries at the time of introduction will make various new amendments depending on the entity, which may have been unexpected by the German army of World War II and the developers of many countries. not.

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