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Aihuan uses real-life photographs, portraits, character features and character information to study the inside of a character, first creating a piece of clay, then casting wax to make it as real as a real person. Customize your real love doll. Simulation accuracy is up to 80%, various front, side whole body and facial photographs of customized characters and numerous facial photographs are also required, and it is recommended to provide their power of attorney and signature agreement. Contracts and disclaimers required for customized character personalities, habits, hobbies, etc.

1. Negotiate and determine the style of real love doll that needs to be customized through the customized text description and sign the customization related approvals, contracts and disclaimers.
2. Confirm this and the prototype, provide ultra-high-definition images from various angles, and confirm the facial expressions on the front and left and right.
3. This and mud draft production, prototype design --Confirmation of prototype --Confirmation date ----- Start Mud draft production. 4. Confirm the correction with this, provide two corrections, and make minor corrections based on the clay drawing created. 5. This and mold making, remolding the determined clay part to make a plaster draft / resin draft-fine adjustment-correction-gold-trimming of mold-confirmation mold. 6. The production of Aiwawa is finally confirmed, and the final silicone product will be tonfa-made to get a very realistic texture. 7. If you customize only the love stone head, it will take 20 to 30 days and an additional 10 days to add the head. Custom head love stone,

It means that the era of being in close contact with the goddess has arrived, in the sense that it can be customized by both Kosai and the goddess that he usually worships.

174cm G Cup Beautiful Blonde Full Size Sexy Doll Meha WM Doll

Lovelovedolls loves real dolls, oil-free, non-deformable, no peculiar odor, products are fully compliant with EU and US export standards through inspection by SGS test group, one is to occupy third place I can! I want to buy my favorite love doll, but what should I do if I can't go directly to the scene? You can contact customer service to send real photos and videos of real love dolls. Many Jung Inhyeon merchants on the market today use photos of real love dolls and photos of real people to trick consumers. Many customers can buy for hundreds of dollars to people who think they can buy a product that looks real.

In the process of getting to know RealDoll, we may request the customer center to send us the actual photos and videos with RealDoll, but if the company cares about issuing it, it is basically an impulsive RealDoll business. You can make a conclusion. You can also use Prestige and customer service directly to have online video pin conversations. You can see the real thing through the video. You can manipulate this swing posture to find out more about RealDoll in customer service. This has a skeleton. You can swing around with your body. You can prevent the inconsistency between the worn product and the actual product through video dialogue.

When RealDoll is created, we will send you a photo and video confirmation at the customer center before delivery, and after confirming that there is no problem, we will ship it. The shipping department will paste the express order into the seal port, write the name and address and write down the order number. If the order number is scanned into the warehouse with yi only throughout the network and the item arrives at the local receipt until the logistics information is tracked online and the express order is still in the position of the photo sticker or really worrisome Can open the box and check the item on the spot. Before making sure the RealDutch Wife is okay, check the receipt Make sure the sex doll was what you saw before shipping Why is there such a big size on site? How can I sell a real love doll?

There is also a pin-shap for adults in the neighborhood, and the main reason is that the price is relatively high. Sample display for products with a usage price of 10,000 or more.

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