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Definition of love doll

A sex doll is a full-scale human form masturbation device that allows users to have fun during sexual intercourse. Love dolls of the past are also known as realistic sex doll, which are flexible, primarily with inflexible designs. From the beginning of the 21st century, Real Dutch Wife has become friends with more real people, regardless of looks and textures, and has emerged as a new strong man in the sex industry, especially in Japan. Historical scholar Xia Xie one day wrote a book called "Chinese and Western Chronicles". Blow in the wind like clothes. After that, it is soft and warm like a beautiful woman, and it is a coincidence that it is transmitted like a human being, and it is stuffy. From this, we can infer a hundred years of history. The Dutch wife was first used primarily for military purposes, but in Japan it was used for naval submarines. At that time, love stones appeared in an environment where only men existed to liberate humans sexually. In the 1950s, love dolls were sold in the German market at sex dolls, and the design was further Ruth?

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In the 1990s, the texture of love dolls was similar to that of real people, but it was still tied to the touch. Some manufacturers during the same period tried to make a real love doll with bones, but the effect of the product was not satisfactory. Sex sex dolls produced in Japan in the 2000s are fake and real, and the touch is in the actual skin design. Girl love Dutch wife is generally in the form of a woman and can be worn by a person with a quality open mouth. Rub the penis in the hole to create a pleasant sensation. Strong male love dolls, in the form of strong males, are mainly sold to women and gay men.

From the beginning of the 21st century, a gel with a shape memory was performed with Dutch Wife. (Recently, resin is also used), it feels like real human skin and muscles, and has spherical joints that can make various movements. Believing that the development of current robots will eventually make and sell mechanical sex sex dolls, current manufacturers have introduced this concept to create prototypes of mechanical Dutch wives that can change body temperature and heart rate. doing. Collection and Appreciation Nowadays, some beautifully made RealDolls (including women) collect art for people (including women) and are sometimes regarded as appreciation. Some people enjoy this real love doll and even play with a spherical joint real love doll to wear other outfits. , Makeup, hairstyle change, etc.

Benefits of loving Dutch wife
1. You can do it anytime you want. In the morning or late at night.
2. I am a model worker. You can do whatever you want.
3. It doesn't give you a story and you have to apologize when you're done.
4. It doesn't matter. Will the slash come in for too long?
5. Don't say: Don't point the gun at my mouth (face, chest, belly, inside.)
6. You will not be able to receive calls (of other people's friends) without knowing to do ML.
7 You don't have to send your love doll home or invite you to eat dinner when you're done.
8. The next day, I don't call her and don't complain why I'm not calling her right away.
9. You wouldn't think about it. My last boyfriend is much better than that.
10. You can finish it quickly if you want.
11. Don't say: My aunt is here.
12. Don't say: Take a shower first.

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