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Do men like love dolls?

The love doll name 85 is a number, 85 has no personality, and not all facial details belong to it. First of all, the faces of traffic stars and internet celebrities converge: nose, eyes, mouth, smile ... designers carefully analyze: what do men like? What is he attracted to?
These faces are carefully sculpted on the woman's head. This is number 85. Finally, the head was carefully held by the workers and attached to various sex dolls, big breasts, hips, and medium-sized models. Price: From 6000 yuan. After that, it was packed in a box and disguised as furniture, and shipped nationwide from the Kanayama Factory in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province.

Serenity-142cm Seduced Anime Fox WM Tpe Sex Doll

Men's love for 85

Men often ask after midnight: "When their desires are strongest, it may be when they are the most vacant," Xiaohui said. If no one is present, Box 85 will open. Eventually, the love doll was exposed to a private environment, and the owner checked the love doll's body and squeezed the love doll's face.

It has long been the best-selling real doll at the Kamiyama factory, with at least one-third of people wearing such a head. At the most popular moment, the factory-wide order said, "8 out of 10 people said they would be number 85."

85 Anywhere

Baidu's "Entity Doll Bar" has the crazyest conversations. The word "85" is everywhere. The man hallucinated the love doll. Love dolls are dressed in different styles, and men who like the OL style at work wear love dolls. A white shirt with three unbuttoned buttons that reveals half the shoulders, white underwear, and bulge in the chest.
The love doll's head fell slightly, the long curly hair of the love doll was pulled back all the way, and only the love doll's face appeared beside the love doll. The most important adjectives in a comment are: sexy.
Some men like beautiful costumes. They wear red hanfu, tall tubes, and old wigs with red flowers on their foreheads. Such "delicate make-up" is deeply loved by the heroines of fantasy dramas. He once appeared in the makeup of Jing Tian and Zhao Liying.

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