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Dutch wife actual battle notes

The production and processing technology of Aiwawa manufacturers is becoming more and more sophisticated, and now Aiwawa is very close to the real person in terms of appearance and function. For example, a real RealDoll made with Guangzhongshan Mengzhilu uses an alloy material and is very similar to a real person and can generate heat when used. As the demand for RealDoll grows, today we're going to tell you a few things to keep in mind when choosing a real RealDoll.

1. A state of a real love doll. Looks with RealDoll to some extent are better than the real person. We choose according to our tastes. For example, there are European wild styles, Japanese and Korean sweets series, and traditional classic styles.
2. Dutch Wife Features These days, Real Love Dolls have many features that not only can meet our physical needs, but also some physical Real Dolls, and our psychological You can meet your needs.
3. The safety of real love dolls. Consider when choosing a love stone, such as whether the material is safe, non-toxic, has a good internal structure, is suitable for the structural properties of the human body, and has a safety risk during use. It's an important issue to be asked.
4. Weighed the difficulty of managing love dolls. When using Aiwawa, you need to pay attention to reasonable maintenance. Some real real dolls can be cleaned with special cleaning products, but some are difficult to maintain. With more and more Dutch wife styles, there are many dangers to using as many people just care about their appearance and ignore a lot of other places.

Buying a love doll and becoming a girlfriend for an ambitious sex night, I'm always single, masturbation and masturbation are no longer enough, and I'm also lacking in interest in useful plane cup types. I want to experience it now. Having said that, I can't satisfy a woman who can't make a girlfriend for various reasons. You can have a wax and only 5 minutes time. To tell the truth, I also gave up some reasons why I wanted to find a woman who made a mistake in the past in order to release my lust. As I found out later, it was still too pretty for the price of over 10,000 yuan that sold real sex dolls on any treasure site.

I want to buy a real bag and buy a real love doll to make my girlfriend a night of passion, but it's too big to be 1 meter 6 long and weigh 60 kilograms like a normal girl is. Say you can hide it. It's been found. in a few days. So I don't think it's good to buy it directly, and I'm scared to think that others will see it in a metamorphosis. I generally have a very straight guy and a bit bitterness in the eyes of others, but I really want to. Buy one for yourself. Then I asked myself for advice. Later I discovered that a lot of things depended on the attitudes of those around me in my personality. People's attitudes towards sexuality can be divided into seven stages: confinement, conservative, tradition, enlightenment, openness, freedom, and indulgence.

168cm E-Cup Japanese Style Silicone Sex Doll Nilenia Adult WM Doll

Educational standards and social and cultural environments undoubtedly have a significant impact on one's sexual attitude, so consider the situation of those around you before making a decision on this issue. If the behavior of some people doesn't have a negative effect on me, I don't think I'm blaming them. This behavior does not affect others, so good and evil is not important as it can only be said that the choices are different. I bought it as a girlfriend with mini sex doll and it's just my personal will and actions that remain unobtrusive, so as long as it doesn't hurt the interests of others, I'd like to live some life with others You can't control it.

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