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Elderly buying Dutch wife

Rayan Mata! A drunk man is traveling with a Dutch wife. Emergency landing

[Global Net Reporter] Luxemburg Radio and Television reported on June 13 that British low-cost carrier Jet2 had to make an emergency landing. From Belfast, Ibiza, Spain to Toulouse Airport, France. The reason is that a man drowned in a plane.

The man allegedly continued to drink and abuse passengers and crew. The captain persuaded him several times. The passengers continued to be "confused" and the man continued to drink. The man took the Dutch wife out of his luggage and had sex.

This is a very embarrassing scene as there are many children on the plane. Due to human uncontrollable behavior, the plane landed at Toulouse Airport. The police were then asked to get off the plane and report to the French police.

Jet2 apologized to other passengers for this. The list shows human behavior. He was charged and announced that he would be permanently banned from boarding the plane.

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The old man took the company to court

Uncle Zhang of Chengdu is 70 years old this year. He bought a silicone love doll online for yuan 16,000. Six months later, the plastic baby curled up and deformed, and was very angry and took the company to court.

But the moment the netizens heard the truth, they were stunned!
Zhang Wen Ryo has glasses and short hair, and his black hair is clearly dyed, but he is hard to say that he is in his 70s this year. Not long ago, after wandering for a few days, he finally set foot on the grid. This is the first time he has appeared in court in his life ...

His process of buying a love doll

Last September, a citizen of Chengdu bought a silicon love doll online for 16,000 yuan. Six months later, there was a problem with the quality of the love doll ... an angry old doctor first appeared in court.

He said: "I don't want him to leave her. I want her to live with me in her house. I want to see her every day. Her photo, her ashes and Her soul, a fake cheap sex dolls. This is her body .... ".

He and his wife have lived in this world for 40 years because he has no children. In August, Zhang's wife died of pancreatic cancer. "Please wear it now."

But less than six months later, the love doll experienced a series of problems, including bent joints, deformed fingers, and exposed body coils ... she took legal action. ..

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