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Future development of physical love dolls

Is the so-called intelligence you choose really smart?

Many friends in the kids circle ask, "Is he smart or hot?" Can he make a sound?

We need to move in the direction of intelligence. The future goal is to build an artificial intelligence machine, but the most urgent task now is to build a more realistic female body. This is the real request. "The advent of intelligent simulation love dolls will bring us even more surprises.

Intelligent simulation realistic sex dolls help people complete certain tasks. Intelligence is still needed because it is a social progress.

Freda TPE Blonde Sex Doll Premium 6YE Doll 170cm

Love doll composition

A beautiful love doll must first have a beautiful face. Head sculptures can create a more realistic look that resembles a real person. Silicone modeling power is much better than tpe, mainly due to its tensile strength and soft feel. Therefore, the physical love doll is made with a silicone head sculpture. The silicone heads they made are very thin. This is because the real love doll maker originally made wax love dolls. It is no exaggeration to say that this is a wax love doll. It's said to look good, but I didn't expect to spend thousands of dollars on artificial cosmetology.

In addition to the beautiful head sculpture, the feel of the body is also very important. You may think that you are not a real person, but if it is too hard, it will be heavy and difficult to play, so you can play with it, so ordinary accessories feel strange. .. A real love doll is a head sculpture. However, since the body is made of tpe material, the editor said that I saw it for the first time, but it was still a real whole body model, and the skin of the real model was restored 100%. .. .. It's impossible to be like a real person, but it's worth noting.

Network report

I've seen a lot of love dolls and realism, and the realism of this new product is definitely improving. I have saved some photos from a forum post. This is not great. Seeing the physical love doll in his eyes, the editor continued to observe his credibility. According to the publisher, a visual and tactile experience is possible the first time you see tpe's waxy head and body.

According to media reports, the first-generation real love dolls are wax heads and full-body models, and their main products are middle-class and luxury goods. We have been working hard to design all physical love doll products. .. I'm worried about bringing more reality to singles and groups living alone. Better sex and dating experience. For a real crane game machine, after the first generation product is completed, the R & D team will develop better partners, complete the product and become a treasure. More products and benefits than your friends.

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