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How do you store it with a love doll?

Many friends who want to buy a love doll ask, "How do you need to store a sex doll? Here are the most ways to keep a sex doll.

If you live alone, you can put sex dolls under the bed, in the garage, warehouse, partition, and use the first sofa box, air box and other sex doll exclusive boxes. , Sex sex dolls can be packed. This box can lock everything. You can ensure privacy and security very well. If you don't want to put it in the box, you can store the real sex doll in the closet and lock the closet. I have a friend who lives alone and still asks if he wants to keep a real anime sex doll in a tube. It is usually said that sex sex dolls are laid down on the sofa or bed or sit down, but suddenly a friend or family member comes to the house to sit down.

Therefore, we are still prepared for peacetime. If you live with your family, such as your wife, please consult with your family. After all, Aiwawa can be used not only for sexual purposes, but also as a model display, for cosplay and many other uses. If you don't intend to talk to your family, you can rent another small house. This is because the Cerial love doll is easy for the cursor family to search. You cannot avoid the situation of knowing and fighting. Therefore, I personally suggest that it is more rational to discuss this situation with my family. Otherwise, it will affect the happiness of the family. It is often the case that you live with your friends and have a separate dormitory, and if you have another house, you can put it in another house by yourself. Various storage methods are possible.

160 CM E Cup Young Huge Tits Lovedolls Silicone WM Nila

As you know, Aiwawa's Aiwawa product line includes height parameters for almost all common sex sex dolls and can meet the key requirements of almost all Aiwawa users. However, the market is constantly changing, especially the pursuit of the height of a friend Dutch wife who likes real love dolls is changing every moment, and recently, some users have been using special sex sex dolls of 120 cm or more. Contacted the customer center to see if the key could be customized. However, in light of recent market changes, the production sector has made new adjustments. We have continuously developed new and more personalized sex sex doll heights to meet the needs of the same friends!

The smaller the height, the more you can reduce certain production costs. For example, it is relatively expensive compared to the height of the 120 cm love doll that some of the above customers prefer. It decreased by 168 cm. The price of the high part of the Dutch wife is very competitive in the market, offering more possibilities to more customers and more affordable to the customers because part of the high lowers the production cost. Offer the price and finally realize it. "More people use Dutch wife" is a dream! If you are interested in 120 keys or have a Dutch wife favorite key, please contact customer service and we will do our best to be able to place an order at any time and reach cooperation. The impression of Dutch wife is no longer just an illusion, you can immediately enjoy the "beautiful charm" that Aiwa offers at the most favorable price!

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