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How hard is the skin of a physical real love doll?

Entity love dolls are anthropomorphic characters with real skin and feel. So how hard is the skin of a real love doll?

The first thing to know is that mannequins are generally made of silicone and TPE in a love doll rating. Due to the nature of the material, silicon is harder than TPE, TPE is hard to tear, soft and has a high elastic recovery rate. Also, because it uses TPE material, the softness and hardness can be controlled and it is fluffy. When you shake your legs, you can see that the texture becomes softer and the meat quality changes. This is primarily to meet the needs of different users. This is because some users prefer soft and meaty foods, while others prefer soft and ordinary foods. Anyone who has used an adult product knows that the softer the material, the more comfortable and exciting it is.

159CM C Cup TPE Sex Doll Blonde Laura WM Doll

Therefore, the most important thing when buying a mini sex doll is to choose the material of the love doll and the product that you think is appropriate. This is most beneficial to consumers as most people buy our products. Only for super-discount love doll sex. The right product can get consumers to enjoy the product.

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