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How much is a love doll?

There are many types of silicone love dolls on the market, with incredible price differences ranging from 12,000 to at least 3,000 to 5,000. Manufacture the material itself that causes price differences. Aiwawa is mainly made of bone and silicon, which is mostly made of synthetic metal via steel and joints. The difference is the use of steel or synthetic metal.

The body is mainly made of platinum silica gel or silica gel or new medical food grade polymer material. The new polymer materials for medical foods like love dolls, are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, do not cause skin allergies and other symptoms, and are consistent with FDA food grades. The new polymer material for medical foods can reach 0 degrees with soft hands.

The material of Aiwawa is very close to the softness and deformation of the body, the deformation of the joints is perfect and the face is very close to fake, even in a real person. It can be placed elsewhere and both hands and feet can be bent. The low-priced ones listed on the internet are all fake, all counterfeit regular love dolls, and their appearance, workmanship and features are incomparable. Aiwawas are all objects made of special materials, new polymer materials of medical food grade. All cheap products sold online are counterfeit and counterfeit, and the workmanship and materials of the actual materials vary greatly.

Aiwawa has a beautiful appearance, good colloid quality, reliability, reasonable bone structure, excellent strength and easy movement. The skeleton can stand on its own, is convenient to store and does not take up space. It also has a whole body intelligent temperature control function and exclusive heating technology. As a new type of polymer material for medical foods, it has high elasticity, high strength, rubber elasticity, and injection molding properties, and is mainly used in the famous oil-free manner. mechanism.

162cm Huge F Cup Breast Sex Doll Sandra WM Doll

People are becoming more and more open, and TPE love dolls have never been considered superficial by more or more people. Now with the gradual acceptance of sex dolls, the number of cheap sex dolls searches on the internet is steadily increasing. Aiwa is still expensive, but the standard of living of Chinese people is rising and many can still afford it. We all know that Aiwawa is a tool used to replace real people to meet individual needs. Next, what are the characteristics of Dutch wife? Aiwawa is a fun tool that imitates real people very much.

It has the following features.

1. The current real love doll has very high simulated skin, the material is non-toxic, tasteless, tactile, and highly durable, it feels almost like a real person, and it is dustproof and easy to use. .. cleaning. Aiwawa's complexion is delicate and glossy, and the feel of her hands is closer to that of real skin.

2. All joints of Aiwa can be moved and changed to various postures required, so that you can have a more comfortable experience in the process of using. So you can do whatever you want, but you can treat it to a sexy, charming, beautiful and thoughtful little lover.

3. Aiwawa's body temperature can be simulated and the automatic heating design is a person who heats the quality and chest to a temperature similar to the actual human body temperature of 37 ℃ and is closer to the actual feeling. Currently, the price of Aiwawa is generally in the range of tens of thousands to 10,000 yuan, the standard of living of people is improving, the ideas of domestic people are open, and the accommodation of Aiwawa is increasing. Aiwawa is a good choice for those who pursue high quality.

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