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How to care for a love doll after use

The water temperature for cleaning the Iwaton is cold or hot water. Hot water can be used in winter, so make sure that the water temperature for cleaning is not too high. There is no need to measure a specific temperature with a thermometer. Try it with your hands to avoid burning your hands. Small appliances and inverted Aiwa are small and can be washed directly with a faucet, but for highly simulated Aiwa, a stool is placed in the bathroom to sit down and wash with water. The bathroom floor is slippery and easy to fall off during the cleaning process, so it's best not to lean against the wall.

Cleaning method when washing with shower gel or soap Service life. After washing her body foam with clean water, dry it with a lint-free, non-fading towel. The final step is to dry your body with a towel. Dutch Wife Real is an additional step. After drying your body, you need to apply talcum powder (accessories included). After applying the powder, the surface of the body is very smooth and feels like a real person.

Inflatable sex dolls are a kind of inflatable type. You need to use gas to scale the product to the size of a real person. Due to the usability of other parts, the vagina is still made of soft silicone.

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Second: Differences in product information

Inflatable sex dolls need inflatable sex doll, so the whole material is basically plastic and elastic film is the basic material, but sex dolls are all made of silicon products and have a more realistic and vivid texture.

Third, the difference in weight. The weight of the inflatable doll is light because it easily swells with gas and does not exceed 5 kg. All love doll mail orders are made of silicone and are much larger in volume and weight. It weighs 40-50 kg more than an inflatable sex doll.

Both inflatable sex dolls and love sex dolls are a kind of sex doll companion, more humane and affectionate than simple sex dolls that meet the requirements of today's urban humanity. Compared to inflatable dolls, it has a stronger sense of thickness, can be used freely, and can be used as your own lover. It also has the same characteristics as a lover, and is sexy, fascinating and beautiful. The man who loved you.

Storing love dolls is inconvenient and still very annoying for some Chinese who can save sex. And the price of Sowawa is as high as 10,000 every time, which is out of reach of ordinary Chinese people. Therefore, Chinese sex workers need to inflate and polish their sex dolls and double their efforts to love sex dolls. In that case, you and I are free to have a lover. With their product technology and product information, they go far beyond the sensation of inflatable dolls in use and promote their temperament.

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