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How to keep a sex love doll?

Love dolls generally cost more than 10,000 yuan. I don't really know who should cry if RealDoll breaks by mistake. High Simulation Love Stones are all high-end works and are valuable items to own. Therefore, it is necessary to keep it in a safe place after purchase, so today we will inform you of the correct management method for high simulation love stones.

How to deal with high simulation Aiwa skin wrinkles: High simulation Aiwa skin is made of highly non-toxic and odorless silicone due to its material properties. If RealDoll's joints are kept bent for a long time, the skin of the bent joints will show some wrinkles.

Then what is the correct way to handle these wrinkles? First, to prevent the joints from bending and twisting the skin, the joints are restored to their original posture, and then the wrinkles are gently rubbed to help the silicone skin recover. Silica gel is elastic, but it can be restored after a certain period of time, but clicking it will improve the recovery. After maintaining the shape of RealDoll, take a break for skin recovery. How to avoid high simulation love doll staining: So this problem is actually a very good solution. Of course, why not take a picture from time to time? It's a good idea to put white silk, socks, hand socks, etc. inside RealDoll so that your clothes don't get dyed in RealDoll in a short amount of time. After that, after dyeing, it is recommended to wash the dirty part.

High-copying love doll oil stains Countermeasure: Silicone oil is mixed with the silicone material, and if the high-copying sex doll made of silicone material is lengthened, the silicone oil will soak into the surface and give a feeling of slipping distance. Wipe the surface with a clean towel that will not remove your hair, and do not use excessive force.

166cm C-Cup Young TPE Life Size Naima WM Doll

What should I do if RealDoll's skin gets dirty or dusty after use or long-term installation? At this time, it is not enough to just wipe with a clean towel. Use soap, shampoo, shower gel, or other mild detergent for stains that need to be washed with lukewarm and cold water and cannot be washed with water. Do not use corrosive detergents such as strong acids, strong alkaline solutions, river disinfectants, and detergents. After thoroughly drying the water with a clean towel after washing, lightly apply Jjim Jill Garna Talc Powder to the cheap sex dolls and apply it evenly to make RealDoll's skin smooth again.

Summary: Did you learn a lot about the maintenance methods that the editors got? So is it more convenient to treat your little lover?

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