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Love doll 161 real shot rating

Sentence in advance: This article only shows the personal views of the host, self-enjoyment is for learning and communication. Due to the different aesthetics and expectations of everyone, the content of this post only reflects the owner's personal purchase and experience and does not evaluate any guidance. The host is not responsible for any misunderstandings or misunderstandings caused by this.

I bought it at the store in December 2016. The customer service mind is very good. After patiently answering many questions in the early days, the landlord finally decided to buy. The president also gave me a sofa. When the goods arrive, the outer packaging is very heavy. It's really heavy. It is difficult for anyone with a normal physique to carry a box up. The landlord moved to the 5th floor with someone for help, but he was too tired. Although it weighs only about 30 kg, it is the first time to transfer and decorate a small breast love doll, so it is not easy, but I think that it will improve even more if you look at a long long suit. When I first saw Jin Yai, the impression I had when I first saw it was not the tall and powerful type in the imagination of the original poster, but the figure with thin hands, hips and legs, chubby, and the golden ratio of the chest and hips. The face value is still good, the poster makes Jean Yai look good, and the rest are not the original eyes. The owner seems to have put on a light make-up on her face before giving birth.

According to the clerk, I laid a bath towel under the bed, which was unwilling to wear black clothes that were easily soiled. Also, be sure to wash your hands when touching the Dutch wife. If you are not careful, it will get dirty. Cleaning it when it gets dirty is the final hassle. If you can avoid getting dirty, avoid it. Turquoise-like blood vessels are internal metal knuckles. The palm is printed on the palm. Hands and feet are vulnerable to damage if you are not careful that they are the weakest parts. Aiwa's hands are as soft and smooth as baby's skin and are recommended over Aiwa's chest, for example. The chest is very elastic, but only the hands are relatively smooth. There is no metal frame on the toes, and the feet are much more realistic than the hands and feel smooth to the touch. The hips and legs are very thin and the collarbones are clearly visible, and the seam lines on both sides of the body are still visible from the sides to the hips and legs. (The clamp line can't be helped, but it's already number one in the industry.) When the shopkeeper delivered the item, he put the baldness with RealDoll in another bag and put it around his neck. Installing the head is easy. Tighten only the screws. Then I take care of the wig, pose and change clothes for this and it is entirely up to me.

The owner was very thoughtful and did a lot of things like wigs, wig management kits, net clothes, talcum powder, makeup kits, discolored oils. You can kick both front and back. When you buy it for the first time, it is basically expressed as a wobble that has no odor, but it is recommended to ventilate it. If Aiwawa's skin gets dirty, don't forget to wash it off and apply Telcom powder in a timely manner. Many friends who like love doll mail order have heard that the tpe material is very oily. However, the material is different from RealDoll, and it is basically oil-free and feels dry. Summary of current experience: Dark-colored clothing will not be worn for a long time and RealDoll will be dyed. Tight-fitting underwear and clothing will leave scratches on the body of the love stone if worn for long periods of time. Therefore, it is recommended to take off the love doll after taking a photo of changing clothes. Experience 2: Avoid Aiwa standing or lying down for a long time or maintaining support and other hard postures. Gravity can cause hand and foot injuries to the internal metal skeleton. Keep it flat when not using the Dutch wife. If you're worried about pushing your hips, you can put a soft towel under your hips. It takes a lot of effort to take all postures and you have to actually exercise! The posters of the original poster are normal skin color, normal color nails, and dark eyeballs. If you purchase the above products, you can order other colors in consultation with the seller.

174cm G-Cup Busty Big Tits Love Doll Monissa WM Doll

Have experienced emotions:
1. Real love doll look: high look, good look, perfect hanger.
2. Real mini sex doll feel: The touch of the palm and sole of the foot is very good, surpassing the real person. The arms, thighs, nose, ears, lips, and chin are in the hands of humans. The elasticity of the chest and buttocks is very good and attractive, but there is a certain gap between the feel and the real person.
3. Aiwa's mobility: You can sit, lift your legs, lie down, lie down, etc. without being able to stand independently. Create RealDoll's joints tighter to maintain posture and realism You need to work hard on your arms, legs and hips.
4. Love doll endurance: normal. The skin gets dirty easily and needs to be cleaned frequently.
5. Practicality: You can lie down and have sex, but it takes effort to pose for a real sex doll. Suggestions to friends waiting: The focus is on 12 words: adjust your thinking, lower your expectations, and do what you can.

1. If you are a maiden, don't expect real love dolls to solve all sexual experiences. Even if you have sex with a real person, there will be a big gap between the beautiful image in your imagination, not to mention the sex sex doll.

2. If you have sexual experience, you will find that there is a certain gap between your experience of having sex with a love doll and the actual person. Because the real person adjusts his posture and both sides fall in love without difficulty. Sex dolls do not pose for you and depend entirely on your efforts. .. And if it's a regular version that doesn't have a heating function with RealDoll, it's very cold in winter, but cool in summer.

3. The advantages of Aiwawa are attractive demon shape, powerful visual impact, and a sense of control by mercy. It is recommended to have sex after the host has mastered some of Aiwawa's postures.

4. Student Organization Inside School is over 158 Love dolls are generally priced at around 10,000 yuan. At the same time, it should be noted that Aiwa is relatively stable and requires a lot of space. This is very heavy and difficult to move. If you are afraid of being found, or if it is hidden after purchase, it will be discharged soon or you can buy it slowly. Therefore, if you decide to buy a sex doll, it is advisable to prepare a large personal space for a real love doll.

5. Sex After receiving a sex doll, don't expect to be a beautiful woman if you open the package. Fifty percent of Aiwawa's beauty depends on the integrity of the merchant to ensure the quality of the material, and the remaining 50% patiently cleans and maintains the clothes and outfits for Aiwawa. It depends entirely on the consumer who does it. At this time, RealDoll is like a woman and is like a mirror. It will definitely be clear from her body whether a man often dehadun her. So buying a love sex doll is only the first step. You spend money and love that love dolls are your property. I will reserve only this. You really have her when you can dress all kinds of her, admire her clothes and style, and admire her beauty. Finally, I hope to be a loved one and all the friends who love Dutch Wife.

ps: This post is a very personal opinion and the organizer is not responsible for any misunderstandings or misunderstandings caused by this without inductive evaluation.

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