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Love doll function explanation

Aiwawa has real fleshy skin, human skin structure, physiological structure and suppleness, and the mouth, chest and vagina are very soft and all the feelings that it brings, whether it feels comfortable or not, are unprecedented. Let me do it. The real girlfriend is with you!

[Super breast love doll function]

Whether you comfort her or she comforts you, all the sensations it brings are unprecedented. Make her feel the real thing with you! She is wearing sexy underwear, her sexy lips are slightly open and she is full of gentle care! With a 7 frequency vibrating egg (placeable in the front door, private parts, anus), she can feel 7 different shock waves that bring passion inside and outside, and her sex voice allows you to experience sex in any position. !! Women who are gentle, beautiful, noble, mature, stable, and assertive are rare in the world. You may have met, but you've passed her shoulders. You may have met, but you are not involved in it. All this is a dream that hasn't come true in my heart!

Showing her own characteristics and her charm, she has mature beauty, the most authentic beauty! She wore her underwear with a natural look, perfectly carved to fit her body posture, gentle, noble, mature, and integrated everything into the product design! This product is made of 2: 1 full body reversal film and her facial expression is realistic. She has 100% real fleshy skin, human skin structure, physiological structure, flexibility, mouth, chest, vagina and anus. The soft rubber material with a high-class feel creates the toughness of her abdomen according to the structure of the human skin! She designed methods for oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, etc. and used 7 frequency vibrating eggs (which can be put in the mouth, genitals, anus) to increase the reliability of the product! This product is a real entity mold product, using the latest "virtual skin" material, after many special processing techniques and handmade carefully modified, realistic style, flesh-colored skin, sexy and attractive. It perfectly reproduces the sensual, plump and charming curves, which bring endless imagination and impulse to people. To the touch, the skin is smooth, delicate, elastic and gives a completely realistic experience. This product specially implants bright and attractive golden hair.

164cm F Cup Teen Sex Doll Suzanne Best WM Doll

[Iwawa's functional specifications]
one piece.

[Love doll special feature material]
Medical Food Grade Polymers Polymer Polymers New Non-Toxic Materials

[How to use the love doll function]
1. Install the batteries properly (this product uses 4 AA batteries and 3 AA batteries).
2. Use 75% medical alcohol to scrub and disinfect the product before use and apply the appropriate amount of lubricant to the product.
3. Place the condom on the male genitalia and apply the appropriate amount of lubricant.
4. Insert the male genitalia into the instrument until orgasm and ejaculation.
5. Pull the male genitalia out of the appliance.

[Notes on Dutch wife function]
This appliance is intended for personal use only. Please be careful about the cleanliness before and after use. When cleaning the appliance after use, avoid contact with water in the circuit area to prevent circuit failure. Do not touch the outer cover, which is easily soiled with ink.
The battery should be removed from the battery box before storage, the appliance should be placed in the packaging box, and stored in its original position for future use.

Sex doll life

The matter may begin with the news of Zhang Wen Liang in June. Since the publication of Doll Love News, many baby friends, especially middle-aged and older people, have been very worried about the useful life of love dolls. They are afraid of it. The life of a love doll is not long. My wife died early, so I bought a love doll for 16,000 yuan as a source of soul and ordered a love doll online, but within half a year, RealDoll had twisted joints, deformed fingers, and a body. There are various problems such as coil exposure. please wait. Sex dolls are not manufactured by us, but I think they are unprotected items. Probably because it can be used. It's not operated as instructed, but I think many people have been told how long they've been using sex doll these days. This news is very influential. Those who are interested in ordering have basically seen this news. .. While checking, all you have to do is look at the shopping platform or search for information with Baidu Search. I saw this news in China. In fact, loving a sex doll is like a human body. .. Certainly, loving sex dolls also has a lifespan. Of course, the news can only be used for half a year. What I don't understand is how to file a proceeding over 16,000 sex dolls. Did people send so much news to? Are you free? Maybe this kind of media did this, but I really praised my uncle's privacy product and put it in court to talk about things. I really don't know how to talk about it. Probably the first time a court judge has seen it. What do you say What does he say about a product that the judge himself doesn't know about? Look forward to the excitement of the next section! ...

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