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Love dolls make life more colorful

In a brightly lit city, whether you're an old man living alone in an empty nest or a single wandering in a foreign land, you may find that your life lacks an important part. So, after searching various channels, love doll real embarrassedly stepped into the lives of some people. According to incomplete statistics, the alleys and streets of Guangzhou are dotted with about 2,000 real love doll stores, with annual shipments exceeding 100,000. Enter the keyword "Guangzhou Real Love Doll" in the search engine to see the search results. There are thousands of dollars. The numbers are cold, but the story behind them is embarrassing.

On November 18, at the rental housing in Guangzhou Baiyun, many office workers had already gone to work, and the morning sun was shining on the bed of Konji. Successive breakfast shops have been screaming on the street for a long time, Konzai is lying in bed and night shifts are enough. At the agreed time, we dialed Conzai's phone. He dialed three times before answering the phone. After meeting and greeting him, he didn't let me talk, but he walked a long way and chatted in an empty space or in another rental home. "If you didn't contact you many times, I wouldn't have met or talked to you, because there are some things your people don't understand and it's hard to understand.

After a detailed chat, Conzai knew we were doing well, so did he boldly take the baby out to play? Conzai met us while shopping online. I feel a little embarrassed, but when I understand it a little, there are many people playing, there are many types of sex dolls, there are loli, there are girls, and it is mellow that it is plump. , Conzai Conzai didn't have a girlfriend. I didn't have time to fall in love. Someone introduced him to the girl, but he faces the future and wealth of both sides. There is a problem, a relatively big conflict. So Congzi chose a baby. Konji is in very good shape and he spends a couple of times a week with his baby. He said that babies are not only satisfying their desires, but also spiritual companions. He chats with him whenever he is lonely. He expresses all and your emotions at once. Sometimes a friend asks him, how do you do this, face dead objects every day, it feels very unusual. But he disagrees. He said that after a few days of dating, he slowly developed his feelings for the baby due to the realistic anthropomorphism of the sex doll. Perhaps this is an advanced animal instinct. In the process of playing, Konzai showed various movements. She has various limb joints and can make any movement. Then, when you warm the sex doll, the sex doll instantly becomes like human body temperature and feels more realistic. The various physiological needs of the elderly actually exist, adding invisible to some family conflicts.

In June of this year, she talked to him about his wife and helped him buy a real sex doll to solve it if she still needed it. Mr. Zhang was particularly angry when her wife talked about this, and she secretly bought it after negotiations failed, where she had this bad idea. His wife brought an inflated sex doll when he needed it. He couldn't turn the corner of his mind, but he was also stunned in the face of this age-difference sexual desire. Whether or not to use it can only be done in a particular environment. I regretted it after using it, but I regretted it because I had to use it even though I needed it for a long time. I have lived in this way over the last few years. At a construction site in the northern suburbs of Guangzhou, 42-year-old Yang from Sichuan has lived in Guangzhou for five years at a labor service company. His hometown has his wife and two RealDolls. You can only meet again during the Chinese New Year every year. Mr. Yang said he owned Sowawa for three years during his time at work, which was also a helpless choice to solve his usual needs. You can't talk to your wife about such things. But every year when she returns home, her wife repeatedly asks how to solve her physical needs. At this point, Yang can only find a way to divert the topic. While chatting with Yang at the construction site, another worker, Yuki, who also has a gas sex doll, said it was better to have adult tools. I work during the day in the city. It's bitter and bitter at night, so many workers in it buy these sex tools. Xiao Zhang in his early twenties also has a love doll this year. Xiao Zhang said she had previously talked to and had a relationship with her girlfriend.

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The two then broke out due to emotional discord. After that, I bought it online for 6,000 yuan, considering the pressure of work and the time it takes to talk to my girlfriend. It was a little embarrassing at first, but it's okay to use it because it doesn't have a psychological burden, it doesn't take long to communicate, and it just solves physical needs. now. Mr. Zhang said that as far as he knows, there are young people like him who use sex dolls inflated, but this group is not so many. After graduating from college, some people are just starting to work and are under the pressure of work and are affected by their families, jobs, homes, cars and more. I didn't talk about girlfriends, but I love sex dolls more often because of my physical needs. Just as people are mysterious and shy when talking about real love dolls, Mengzhilu Smart Doll Technology Co., is the number one in the domestic real love doll field, even if there are countless chain stores nationwide. Ltd. Selected the headquarters. It's in another building. The eye-catching plants are not upright, but in the center of the Zhongshan. President Yuki said love dolls are not the same as cheongki life size sex doll. Chongki sex dolls came from abroad in the 1990s. The Guangzhou market began to have love dolls in 2010. At that time, most of them came from developed coastal cities, and the Guangzhou market sold only about 100 a month, so it's already very good, but in recent years, Sowa's sales have increased significantly.

According to their knowledge, the consumer groups that buy Aiwa are generally in the following situations: younger users are more curious, buy more online and are less used. Middle-aged people are mainly migrant workers. There are more users. Elderly people who have been left behind or who live alone have more usage, and since they repeatedly open stores in physical stores, it is easy to return them. According to Xue, "big breasts love doll" is a broad term that is actually part of different adult appliances in different styles, and after adding a love doll look to many appliances, a higher level of perception. I just have. And vision. That is the only requirement. In the Pearl River Delta, there are nearly 30 contract manufacturers with tens of thousands of contracts per year. The combined sales of these stores and online sales are amazing. Xue said that the industry's purchasing channels are more complex and hidden, Guangzhou's densely populated, immigrants and huge markets make it difficult to calculate numerically, although it's a special statistics department. According to the people in their circle, the annual shipment of Xi'an market is estimated to be less than 100,000 units.

Mr. Yuki, who has been in business for more than 6 years, said that he is active in the real love doll industry, but he is hiding his profession, including employees, and is worried that others will do so. Sometimes. Ask about his profession. This is true for sellers, but even more embarrassing for buyers. In addition to the physical store sales model, shipments of sales models such as QQ accounts, WeChat, mobile APP, and telephone distribution are gradually increasing. The evening of November 20th coincided with Friday. The Real Love Doll store in Tianhe District, Guangzhou has clearly more customers than during the day, and most of the customers who enter the store are men in their 40s. One of the customers went directly to the theme to choose a sex doll and asked the store to help him demonstrate smart heating. After careful checking, he asked the store to prepare talcum powder and lubricant. The owner said that people of this age are more open to thinking and seeing, so they don't care about the perspective of others when buying. The owner's computer kept hitting while the clerk helped debug. Store owners say they order more online than in-store, and some audio and animated images can invite young people to buy online.

Why is this industry always hidden? Frankly, people's repression of sex thinks sex is ugly, doesn't want to talk about sex, and doesn't want others to talk about their sex? "China's Employment Situation and Policy" "According to the figures published in the white paper, about 98 million farmers nationwide have found employment in cities, and 7.27 million university graduates are waiting for employment. There are many immigrant workers in Guangzhou. Mr. Xue said that the group is dominated by men, most of whom are 35-60 years old and have normal physiological needs. Few people pay attention to how they can solve their needs. Mr. Yuki says that migrant workers at construction sites have sexual relations with the rapid development of cities and the increase in infrastructure construction. , Said that if it cannot be prevented, it is likely to cause the spread of sexual infectious diseases. It has a great impact on the family and society. Harm. This part of the group needs urgent social attention. The concept and demand for real love dolls is slowly changing, and blocking alone needs to be inadequate and sparse to solve instinctive needs. Peasant LiJuan says sex is human. Said that is an instinct to proliferate and survive. No one can escape. Sex is also an important part of life. Sex can affect people's moods and feelings, and sometimes people. It can also affect the urge to act. It does affect the quality of life, not the entire behavioral life. It needs to be seen from a correct and straightforward perspective. Single elderly people are older. Even if they have sexual desires. If they are blindly depressed without being released, they cause irritability and other social problems. For immigrant workers, they are physically healthy and have normal sexual desires. Therefore, individual groups should not be discriminated against because they use inflated sex dolls to release their sexual desires without harming others. Need to publish an industry standard for?

According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the male-female ratio of the unmarried population born in the 1980s is 136: 100, and the male-female ratio of the unmarried population born in the 1970s is up to 206: 100. The ratio of men to women is seriously imbalanced. Many young Chinese men find it difficult to find a target. Coupled with the increasing liquidity of migrant workers and the increasing number of workers, some people will choose to love TPE love dolls. Theoretically, the industry is very promising, but at this point it's difficult to do. Lee said that the practitioners in their industry are not highly educated.

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