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Real Doll Master's View on Real Love Dolls

In fact, he said the true real sex doll industry in Japan is still unclear.

We hope that our weak forces can gradually change this situation and help people understand it better. This real love doll is really beautiful. You deserve, so if you have a love doll made by a real love doll maker, no other maker can make such a shock.

First of all, the texture of the love doll is soft. Softer than you think, the visual effect of watching a video makes you
Second, the love doll skeleton is amazing. He is very flexible, changes posture, changes shape, is very light and has a real skeleton.

Third, love dolls have beautiful makeup and can draw cheekbones.

When arriving at the office through a real love doll door. We found the office clean and tidy. All customer service has a storage box that looks like a trash can. Great music is played every morning in the work environment. Help everyone enter the state shortly after the workspace becomes an exhibition hall area.

The exhibition hall area also impressed customers and factory visitors. Each love doll has a small space. This game makes sense. A sculpture of a love doll's head will also appear for the first time.

170 cm chest center exquisite love doll sunshine beautiful and moving

Netizen comments

The first floor is the place where love dolls are polished. Workers have real love dolls. The workplace is very clean. Workers must wear masks and protective equipment. You need to wash your hands before work. Cleaning the floor is rare. Room cleaning service is 3 times a day.
Please refrain from eating at the front desk even at lunch time. You need to eat at the designated place to make sure the production counter is clean and tidy.

The second floor is a gathering place for young people. It is a skeleton production room. Add protection and modify the prototype connected to the skeleton. All this is done here. The skeleton has two bosses. Create a review to verify that the skeleton is in the prototype stage. A complete diploma is required.

The two saw an untreated skeleton. The businessman said, "Oh, I can't hear it. I can't deceive other consumers because it's inevitable. I'm just laughing. But this person has a commercial intention to the consumer. .Yes.

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