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Real love doll and old man living alone

Old people get angry when the quality is poor

After receiving the goods, Zhang always felt that everything was going well, not much different from the photos on the internet.
However, after further use, he realized that the quality of the real love doll was far from what was advertised. Within 6 months, various quality problems began to occur. "The seal is distorted and deformed, the temperature is uneven, and the coil inside the fuselage is also exposed. This is clearly a false and misleading advertisement for consumers."

To keep it secret, he almost blocked social interactions

Except for his deceased wife, Zhang Wen Ryo didn't tell anyone that he bought a Dutch wife. He doesn't want to be known to others. This is my job. ""
In addition to the original intention and goal of buying a prosthesis, Zhang Wen Ryo said, "I don't want to give people the impression that older people are buying Dutch wives online because of their physical needs." .. He said this also applies to young people. I say it's very different. They met their physical needs, but I think he's a real person. Bring my wish to his wife. This is a kind of mental comfort.

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With his medical professional, he presents a beautiful image. As a result, he basically blocked all social interactions and no longer actively invited his friends to guests.

Wife's death

Last March, his wife was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer. At the time, doctor Zhang Wen Ryo said, "I showed a long-term illness, but I was helpless. Zhang Wen Ryo wiped the tears in the corner of his eyes with his hands."
I hope he finds another woman to spend his old age before his wife leaves and considers a suitable candidate for him. However, Zhang Wen Ryo refused one by one. "I'm healthy and can take care of myself. I can buy a fake mini sex dolls like you," Zhang Wen Ryo joked.

The reporter stepped into Zhang Wen Ryo's house and saw his wife's spiritual position as soon as he entered the door. On the other side of the sofa is a prosthesis in a red jacket. Before his wife died, the red coat was my favorite.

After his wife died, Zhang Wen Ryo could not find her graveyard, so he had to take the bottle home and put it on a wooden shelf above the living room.

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