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RealDoll Post-Management and Troubleshooting

1. Sex doll dyeing problems, dark sex dolls, or clothes that are easy to transfer should be avoided. Therefore, be sure to wear light-colored clothing for RealDoll. To prevent stains, do not use with ink. Please wear stockings after washing. (Talcom powder is included in the gift.) It is said that a small amount of Talcom powder (including Talcom powder) should be added before ignition. For accidental SE stains, use the shipping depigmenting cream. (How to use bleaching cream: pale to moderate dyeing-apply the bleaching cream evenly to the dyed area, wipe it and place it in a cool, dry place. 24 hours after the dyed area may disappear. However, please avoid SE staining. Dear friends, be careful!

2. The use of RealDoll is not too violent to lubricate (lubricate is included in the gift) before using the product, and love dolls are delicate, so manage as much as possible please. The quality of the frame is the best material in the country, but you should not use it forcibly to avoid unnecessary loss and trouble. Do not rub with your nails or sharp objects. After all, silica gel has no human flesh and is used by mistake. Once it breaks, repair it using a randomly placed repair solution. (How to use for repair: Squeeze the repair liquid on the damaged part, close the wound and lay the realistic sex doll . The wound will be repaired within 24 hours) It can be used after repair!

3. It is recommended to wash Aiwa with lukewarm water of 40 ° or less. After washing, apply Telcom powder evenly to the whole body (powder is included in the gift. Guarantees the life of the love doll make-up. The integrated sound part can be washed directly or with a detergent (quality detergent). Detergent is included in the gift) If the cleaner breaks down or other conditions occur, you can go to the pharmacy and buy it directly. Very affordable, or you can contact us. There is also a bleaching agent to wash. It is generally recommended to clean the love doll once a month. To ensure the skin quality, feel and longevity of the love doll, wash it once every 10 days.

4. RealDoll Gift List and Correct Use of Gifts Wigs, lubricants, condoms, repair agents, heating rods, erotic underwear, blankets, wooden combs, guidelines, and any other gifts. You need to use a lubricant. The use of repair agents and depigmenting creams has been described above. I am now focusing on the use of heating rods. When using a heating bar, be careful of time and temperature and avoid it. Scratches caused by the high temperature of the heating rod! !! !!

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5. For wearing the correct clothes and accessories of Aiwawa, you need to wear the clothes after washing and wear the talc powder in the photo. If necessary, take off your head and wear it before wearing it. Do not wear clothing or accessories with sharp edges. You can use the wires or needles that go when wearing earrings and other accessories to penetrate the silicone pores, but you can't write with a sword and sharp objects. Do not pull after wearing earrings to avoid damage. Please refrain from wearing tight-fitting clothes, and wear love doll-specific costumes (erotic underwear, etc.) or consult with customer service before wearing them.

6. Daily storage of Aiwawa is recommended to keep it in a dry and cool place, as it will fade a little when exposed to the sun for a long time, and keep it in a clean and hygienic environment. At the same time, be careful not to make the temperature too high or low. The ideal storage environment temperature is 5 ° C-35 ° C. If the temperature is too low, you can use an electric blanket to heat the love doll. Silica gel has some heat resistance, but you need to be careful about temperature and time. Do not put heavy objects on the real love doll. Try to maintain a comfortable posture (lying) when placing it normally, and keep the love doll out of the reach of the sex doll.

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