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Really looking back on plastic love dolls

Sexual desires of a retired couple

Mr. Zhang and his wife live in the southern suburbs of Xi'An and are retired teachers, and the relationship between men and women is relatively harmonious.

Chen is about 60 years old and works as a teacher with his wife. Behind you are two sons and two sons. When the second child was born, the country began implementing family planning policies and Mr. Zhang underwent sterilization. After giving birth to a wife, she basically doesn't need sex, but she is still relatively strong. In recent years, in the life of a married couple. From time to time, his wife reluctantly took care of him and agreed to comfort him. In recent years, my wife didn't want or want to get close to Mr. Zhang. Not being able to tell people what they are talking about is very frustrating.

These different physiological needs of the elderly are real and will inevitably lead to some family conflicts. In June of that year, his wife told him she could buy him an inflatable love doll if needed. Mr Zhang was particularly angry when his wife told him about this. His wife came up with this bad idea, but after the negotiations failed, his wife secretly bought it. His wife brought him her inflatable virgin when he needed her.

Zhang said he couldn't really look back on another plastic anime sex doll with a tall and energetic woman, but he was also surprised at these various ages of sexual desire. This can only happen in certain environments, whether used or not. Mr. Zhang regrets using it, but he has been using it for so long that he still regrets it and has been living this way for several years.

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Yang's experience

Mr. Yang of Sichuan Province has lived in an employment service company in Xi'An for five years, has two children in his hometown, and lives in a construction site in the northern suburbs of Xi'An. They can only meet again during the spring break each year. Mr Yang said that when he went to work he had an inflatable virgin for three years, which was also a useless choice to meet his usual needs.

You can't talk about these things with your wife. But every year when he returns home, his wife keeps asking him how to meet his physical needs, and Mr Yang can only distract. His other worker, Mr. Huang, also has an inflatable love doll. In an interview with Yang at the construction site, he said that adult tools were better than nothing. ... without these love dolls, migrant workers in the city would have to work hard during the day. Also, the nights are so hot that many workers buy this kind of sex toys.

Young Zhang

This year, 20-year-old Xiao Chang is also swelling with virginity. He said he was already in love with his girlfriend. After that, the two broke up due to emotional discord. Due to the pressure of his work and the long chat time with his friends, he bought it online for 500 yuan. It was a little awkward at first, but there was no mental pressure and the communication time was not long. He just solved his physical needs, and now it works.

As far as he knows, young people like him also use love dolls, but this group isn't that big. Some people start working shortly after graduation and are affected by work pressure, family, work, home, car, and more. I don't talk about her, but because of her physical needs, more and more people are using inflatable virgins.

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