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See what kind of real doll you want to buy

Wang brought her husband here with her pregnant belly. She has been a few months since she became pregnant. With a cheerful and candid personality, she attracted a clerk as soon as she entered the store, saying, "I bought you, was my pregnancy? I'm busy with childbirth and breastfeeding and can't be misunderstood. Just choosing a real love doll. A woman's pregnancy is the easiest time for a man to breathe the wind. Mr. Wang intends to kill him before the crisis comes, which has not avoided such worries at all. .. Her husband was more embarrassed than her and continued quietly. "Isn't it a love doll, isn't it? Is it okay for you to be scared?" Ordered. ..

Many friends know about "Inflatable Doll Love" and sex dolls in some youth movies, and balloon sex sex dolls are almost one of the products known as sex toys as zuigao. Mainly represents the actual ratio of installation. In general, masturbation products in the form of beauty percentage templates (also available on the market), a few male Dutch wives), balloons or solid materials have now evolved into independent categories. Depending on the material, sex dolls can be divided into real balloon sex sex dolls, semi-solid balloon realistic sex doll and general sex dolls, of which the general sex dolls are head part and whole painted leather balloon sex sex dolls. It is divided. The history of the Dutch wife invention has not been published for use by prisoners in the main army and prisons that Hitler claims to have invented, but when a buyer buys a Dutch wife, some basic wisdom should still be known. Matters have three basic tips that you should know, especially if you are new to balloon sex sex dolls.

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1. Find out what kind of real love doll you want to buy.
First, there are basic expectations and psychological prices for Daenun to buy Dutch Wife. In general, the retail price of real love dolls is around 10,000 yuan or more, and the retail price of half love sex sex dolls is 200-700 yuan. Understand our buyer basics and otherwise you can see some sellers hit hundreds of yuan with the special effects of "Japanese love sex sex dolls" and "imported real dolls". See "Yui Hatano" in the photo of the online store. , I noticed that there is a big gap between the pictures of "Sex Sex Dolls" in the online store. Therefore, when buying a Dutch wife, you must first have psychological expectations, and when you want to make the next purchase, the seller should take a picture directly or look at the item.

2. How to use after love stone repeater

This question seems useless, but it's actually very specific. First, the Dutch wife needs to be carefully assembled. A Dutch wife full of airbags is relatively easy, but for example, a semi-solid balloon sex sex doll. For example, you are paying attention to the filling of sex sex dolls when inflating with an air pump, but you need to be careful about the filling of sex sex dolls when inflating with an air pump. Most of the time, if it's about 80%, it's okay, otherwise it's Nanghamhal. The use of heating rods is relatively easy, not shown here. Be careful about the installation and use of "private zones", add enough lubricant. Whether or not you wear an "umbrella" depends on the emotions of the buyer. Also, the use of balloon sex sex dolls is worth mentioning as erotic underwear, silk stockings, etc. must match. You can really have a "close lover". It is worth mentioning that some of our Dutch wives can be filled with water like a semi-solid Dutch wife with a full chest. After filling with water, it can be used as a "warm bag", but only fill it. Boil water in lukewarm water below 70 degrees Celsius, otherwise your "close lover" will break!

3. Cleaning method and management method after using love stone

Sex doll materials are generally divided into silicone and PVC plastic. Silicon maintenance is more important. First, wipe the surface of the sex sex doll with a clean towel moistened with warm water. Sex Use a shower gel, hand sanitizer, etc. that has a dirty surface on the sex doll. Wipe it with detergent and do not force it. And never use corrosive detergents, including strong acids, strong alkaline solutions, river disinfectants and detergents. After cleaning, please dry or blow dry. You can use talc powder or talc powder to oil the silicone and prevent it from aging. After that, you need a dry, cool and well-ventilated area. you save. For regular Dutch wives, use lukewarm water-moistened towels and sassafras sassafras to degas after use, but most importantly after use, the "private" under the disassembled sex doll. It is to clean the "zone". Dual Channel and Dual Channel are also made of silica gel, which is called "virtual skin" in the industry, and can be washed directly with warm water. The other basic method is above.

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