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Sex dolls are "the other half"

I lost half of my life, and my sex doll is the "other half".
Not far from home is Master Li's home. He is 70 years old and has two children. Dutch wife rarely goes home because his partner died of illness three years ago. The sex doll's real love doll took the sex doll on a trip abroad, but it was inconvenient to live there because he didn't understand a foreign language. In Shanghai, I rarely go to his daughter's house for dinner. He lives in Shanghai for several months every year and spends most of his time.
Master Li and his partner met at the factory when they were young. At that time, his partner was still a flower in the factory. As he said, the old man seemed to be thinking about something, stopped, and his eyes wrinkled and smiled.
His partner died three years ago and he couldn't get rid of this pain. He met his partner but faced Dutch wife and property issues.

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Master Lee said that he was in good physical condition as well as his ears, and that "there are still physical desires in the area." Last year, someone advised his wife, "She had a lot of fun at the time." Another said, "I have a very sexual desire. Strong, I still want to do this." Mastery thought for a while, but he let go of it. "If you can't even touch yourself after getting married, isn't it hell?
Then an old sex doll studying herbal medicine recommended some adult products. The situation of this old sex doll is similar to his situation, he has no partner, but he is in good shape. A few years ago, he started using adult equipment to meet his physical needs. At first, both old men were embarrassed to speak. ""

Earlier this year, after visiting an adult retail store to inflate a love doll, Master Li bought it for about $ 1,000. "Similar to my age, I don't use it for a year. Most of the time, I sharpen my head to hide it." It relieves boredom.
Master Li opened the cabinet and took out the wrapped love doll from the cardboard box that originally contained the apples. It turned out to be a full-body humanoid love doll and its tie. Gradually, Master Li's life was filled with this love doll. "Lao Lee, this is big enough to use for nights and sleep, and he has to accompany a'Dutch wife'to sit down for a cup of tea.
Speaking of Laotian temperament love dolls, "Sex dolls" were put on wicker chairs in pajamas. From time to time Laory dressed his wife and made a teapot with him. , Other banks are other banks. "Dutch Wife" He sat there, drank tea, and looked at the lights of the room outside the window.

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