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Some suggestions about love dolls

How to Recognize Lie Business and Beware of Counterfeiting
Liars can be divided into the following situations
The first one is a liar merchant
Photo theft is a common trick
So how do you know which one is the real one?
How to find a useful love doll
The editors do not support the sale of used sex dolls, but this situation cannot be ignored.
First, I would like to explain the naked part of the real love doll.
Dirty parts of real love dolls: forearms, thighs, fingers, neck, soles, lower body
Then you need to put pressure on these positions, you need to make a complete video

165cm E Cup Bronze Skin Silicone Sex Doll Hey WM Doll

Second, the skeleton
Ask someone else to take a picture of the lying real love doll. Her legs are at a 60 degree angle to her body because the legs of the real love doll are tilted upwards. If the skeleton is damaged, we cannot support it.
Ask someone else to shoot a video with your thighs perpendicular to your body and your hips and thighs bent 90 degrees. This is to determine if the calf bones of the real love doll are intact.
Raise your hand on the other side and slide the Dutch wife as above
Some sex dolls have a colored head, such as the back of the head, so you can't wear a wig, so if your makeup has dropped significantly, you should ask the other person. Bring the main sculpture back to the make-up factory

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