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The fun of sex dolls

Every time I inflated my love doll and looked at it, my hair got thicker. Imagine sitting in a room like this and facing someone who always has a naked face and facial expression. They look at you when you eat, look at you when you are online, and look at you when you are sleeping. Of course, you will see this before going to bed.

We are very interested in your Dutch wife. The best are not sold at brothels along the street. The round limbs are reminiscent of Japanese Star Doraemon. Can I get something like this? Some are of good quality and are worth thousands to tens of thousands of euros. There are also physical love dolls in Japan that are as heavy as real people. This type of love doll sells for € 50,000 or € 60,000. There is no money to buy or return a love doll.

Ashly-165cm Real Sexy Big Breast Silicone Adult Doll Hyper Realistic Sex Doll

Reasons to choose Dutch wife

Talk about the problem of taking out a love doll. As far as I know, I first brought a big box full of love dolls. Some love dolls are finished, while others have removable limbs that look messy. After disassembling it, he had to wash away the oil and gunpowder and put it back. I remember playing with my neighbors when I was a kid. This is a good thing. I can't imagine that anything made of plastic or rubber wouldn't be as good as a woman ... when you're done, you'll have to clean it with alcohol and fix it. Is she a love doll or am I a love doll? Love doll heads, chests, arms and legs are also on sale. Therefore, people's income is very low. With the exception of the Eldau vendor, who has a special hobby, the rest of the people who buy this toy are poor bachelors who can't reach 0.5mm and can't tolerate physical damage ...
You might think too much, but the point is that anime sex doll are becoming more and more popular in the market. From ordinary Japanese love dolls to "foreign" dolls sold by Reebling, we found out that our friends opened their dollhouses in big fanfare. There are many benefits and reasons, such as reducing workplace stress, reducing sexual exploitation, and adapting to lifestyle preferences. Of course, it's not a bad thing to use a mannequin to solve someone else's problem, but people like me choose women instead of buying dolls instead of masturbation cups. I like it more.

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