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The love doll industry basically has no off-season

In fact, many companies and companies have off-seasons and seasons, and the most asked question to the distributors, dealers and individuals representing Aiwacheng products, in addition to the manufacturer's strengths and product quality, is Yes. : Is there an off-season for Aiwacheng products?

If you want to know if there is a difference between off-season and season of Aiwawa products, agents first need to understand the object-oriented aspects of Aiwawa adult products: the type and attributes of the end user. Group: Most of Aiwawa products are end customers. For middle-aged and older people, there is no such thing as "Which season or period is it more appropriate to buy a real sex doll?" Therefore, certain consumption weaknesses, at least for middle-aged and elderly people.

Aiwawa can also be applied to many young people and various special industries (such as drilling, coal mining, road and bridge engineering and other long absences and other industries) and is in a special period. Users (divorced, bereavement, unmarried or in love), wipe pregnant). Of course, there are special circumstances, but gay and female class users, for example, are also enthusiastic about Chenjok's products like Dutch Wife. Knowing through the analysis of customer types described in the above two paragraphs that customers of the type "Buy Aiwacheng products at a specific time" or "Cannot make so-called off-season purchases" are not displayed. I can. "The possibility of smart love doll sex toys" is these two extreme situations. Knowing the above data Do you think Aiwacheng products have off-seasons and seasons? Not of course!

Demand for Aiwacheng products is increasing day by day as Chinese consumption levels rise, and demand is clearly increasingly leaning towards quality, diversity, and other aspects, representing Aiwa and other Chengren. For friend products, we recommend paying more attention to partner manufacturers. Strength, stability, development and innovation capabilities, etc.

172cm D Cup Lifelike TPE Sex Doll Nalu WM Doll

Real love dolls are a fact.

There is always a problem that afflicts them. Real love dolls are very good, what are real love dolls compared to the portability and folding balloon sex sex dolls we used before? Lost? This question was a good question and I came up with an idea. Lovedolls are all aware that there is a lovedoll whose internal skeleton, in particular, completely mimics the bones of the human body and installs and secures the internal skeleton. "People! Isn't it rough? How to break it?

Editors humbly believe that portable folding is no longer important compared to the strong reality of having love stones.
The biggest difference from Dutch wives and inferior so-called love dolls! You can easily compare. What is foldable and convenient to carry? The same material as the raincoat is good in terms of looks, touch, and experience. In other words, no matter how you touch Bowden, you can't stand it. understood. What's wrong with the portability that you can't fold without permission? The biggest advantage of a true real love doll is its reality. Inflator Sex Compared to the rough unbearable appearance of a sex doll, even if it can be folded freely, it is also very portable, but it is unacceptable to those who have some demand.

why? I think no one would hesitate to use plastic, paper or umbrella cloth. In addition, anyone who sees with a balloon sex doll knows the fact that air leaks and must be repaired well. glue? Keep your pockets tighter, be careful not to leak, and stick!

After reading the above text, I think you have the following understanding: Compared to "real love doll realistic", the so-called portable convenient folding characteristics of Dutch wife are no longer important! ??

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