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This silicone love doll brothel

The world's first silicone doll "Lady" brothel costs at least $ 5,500-is it illegal?
Those who have seen the performance of the "East World", especially male colleagues, may be impressed by the artificial brothels of the West World. Many go to the western world for fun.

These locations are currently only visible in movies and TV shows. Recently Barcelona and Spain have opened beautiful brothels ...

Do all silicone dolls offer services or cheap his love dolls?

This is also the world's first brothel that uses only silicone dolls: ...

166cm Wheat Color Slim Tpe Real Life Size Sex Dolls WM Doll

The organizers said, "Women's clothing here is made of high quality materials and the price of women's clothing is at least US $ 5,500.
Therefore, the effect is very realistic ...
Not only do you feel the joy of falling in love here, but you don't have to feel guilty about having sex with your wife.

Of course, these "girls" must be strictly "disinfected" after each service.

Someone exaggerated the homemade version of this brothel and made it with a cheap sex dolls ...

Uh uh ... is there really anyone going there Love Doll Rating?

Not surprisingly, this silicone love doll brothel spread by word of mouth after it opened ...

“These services are clean and hygienic, have a strong attachment to women and have little impact on family life,” customers often think.

These love dolls are now just love dolls, but they attract many loyal customers. Love doll videos. Many loyal customers say their experience with these love dolls is better than their experience with real people.

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