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Two knowledge about Dutch wife

What to do if there is an imbalance between men and women

Industry standards need to be established to achieve rapid growth
According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the ratio of male to female population to unmarried population has been 136: 100 since the latest Love Doll 1980, and the ratio of male to female population to unmarried population born in the 1970s is 206. : 100. The ratio of men to women is very imbalanced. Many young Chinese have a hard time finding their destination. Others choose Dutch wife as migrant workers become more liquid and the number of workers increases.

Theoretically, the industry is more promising, but it's difficult now. Feng says his field of expertise has a low level of education and different career goals to achieve large-scale, standardized development.

Opening a store in this area is relatively easy. If you have a trade license and the industry is marked as an adult product, there are no prerequisites or social capital. Most adult products on the market do not have a corresponding government production batch number. If the manufacturer relies solely on its own control and self-management, it is difficult to guarantee quality control. Tampering is very common and the biggest problem facing development in this area is that it is difficult to monitor.

157cm Fire Doll Life Size Sex Doll WM DOLL

Although it is a physical love doll, there are also two types of physical life size sex doll. Of course, the properties of different materials are different. If Xiao Xiao, who just entered the door, inadvertently made the wrong choice, it would be very bad. Buying a love doll is like buying clothes. No matter how beautiful your clothes are, they must fit well. Then Mr. Kato will introduce to you.
Advantages of TPE RealDoll:
First of all, TPE materials are softer, more durable and more suitable for PaPaPa than silicone.

Second, it is cost effective. Raw materials for TPE are inexpensive and can be processed by secondary smelting. It's also cost-effective and definitely cheaper than silicon.
First, the TPE material makes the love doll's head inferior to the silicone, so the TPE bag on the TPE RealDoll's head isn't as detailed and expressive as the silicone love doll, but it's a silicone love doll.
2. TPE has a special odor. Consider hugging your baby. Is it unpleasant to smell the baby's face?

Advantages of silicone love dolls
: (Reverse the above advantages and disadvantages)
The advantage is that the coating is beautiful, softer than TPE and tasteless.
The disadvantage is that love dolls are very stiff and unsuitable for sex.
The other is that the raw materials for silicone love dolls cannot be reused. Silicone love dolls are very expensive and cannot be processed into love dolls or all raw materials once they are thrown away.

Compassionate suggestions:
Don't buy cheap TPE Real Dolls or small parts. After the second treatment, TPE RealDoll has a strong or very unpleasant odor and produces a large amount of fat that is harmful to the body. Do not buy perfumes or spicy love dolls as some illegal companies add spices to hide the scent.

The head of the Silicon Love Doll is very beautiful, and the body of the TPE Real Doll is soft. Mr. Kato, this is the reason why it doesn't work. We recommend purchasing a TPE silicone love doll body.
Physical babies are an ever-evolving industry. Mr. Kato hopes that the industry will grow steadily and that no one will be scammed. If you don't understand anything, ask Kato. Kato will be a love doll consultant.

Sex topic will be open
As society becomes more and more open, people's attitudes towards the use of love dolls are becoming more and more open, but the standards and supervision of the love doll industry are very vague. Adult products are not considered medical devices or medical products. The adult product market appears to be jointly managed by government departments such as healthcare, drug management, industry and commerce, family planning, and technical oversight. In fact, every department is trying to find a good legal basis. Multicast management greatly decentralizes control. Lack of power function leads to supervision.

At the same time, the management of this department is primarily based on the inherent openness of medical system administrators. If the newly appointed executive is cautious, there are some mistakes. If some executives don't pay attention to this industry, they will be more relaxed. This is due to the industry. Some departments do not want to control it because it contains an ugly definition of human gender.

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