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Understanding Boss Fen's RealDoll

Xi'An supplies at least 100,000 copies each year.

As one of the three largest companies in the adult products industry in northwestern China with more than 30 chain stores in Xi'An, the company has moved its headquarters to a calm residential building rather than relocating it to a luxurious outdoor office.
Boss Fen said the adult love doll was introduced abroad in the 1990s and was not sold in Xi'An until around 1998. At that time, most of them came from developed coastal cities, and the market in Xi'An was about a year ago. There are 100 mini sex doll, but in recent years, sales of sex dolls have increased significantly. For them, the purchase of a physical love doll usually has the following conditions: Curious young users who shop primarily via the internet, and low usage. There are many middle-aged users, mainly office workers and lonely people in urban areas. Elderly and lonely seniors visit the physical stores of their choice many times to increase consumption and facilitate returns.

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Understanding Boss Fen's Dutch Wife
The phoenix said that real love dolls are a broad concept and are actually part of different styles of adult accessories. Not only are there lots of accessories, but there is also the look, feel and vision of a busty love doll. I also introduced them. His company alone sells thousands of copies annually. There are about 2,000 adult stores in Xi'An, large and small. Combined with these stores and e-commerce, the word love doll is a sales volume. In a broad sense, more people are using adult supplements.
Feng Shui is a relatively complex industry, relatively hidden shopping channels, Xi'an is densely populated, has a large floating population, has a huge market, is difficult to count and is concrete. Said not. Department statistics. According to industry forecasts, Xi'An's annual market supply will be at least 100,000 units.

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