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What is a physical real love doll

A physical real love doll is an inflatable love doll, a very realistic adult product with a face-to-face design, skin and skeleton. It can be understood as a high-end version of the inflatable love doll.
Our physical real love dolls are very suitable for taking pictures in different outfits. The details of Real Dutch Wife depend on the strength of her arm.
When it comes to physical real love dolls, they are very real. Physical real love dolls have skin and bones, look real and are easy to touch. After wearing them, they look better than real people.

Physical real love doll material
Friends like me know that I buy more TPE because the price is relatively close to people, so it's softer and more comfortable.

140CM A Cup Sex Doll Mini Adele Cheap WM Doll

When it comes to the size of a physical real love doll, the size of the physical real love doll is more important. Our physical real love doll size can be flexibly moved back and forth, left and right, and rotated love doll rating.

The physical size of a love doll can represent a real realistic sex doll from front to back. In physics experiments, you can adjust the position of your lower body. You can lean forward, lean back, stand up, lean forward. You can adjust the position of your lower body whether you are standing or standing.
Party Gospel ~ Know what your lower body looks like in normal posture Life can move from side to side. This is the gospel of the caress society. Grasp the torso while rotating the hips, and let the RealDoll sit and rotate.

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