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What is the difference between a love doll and a Dutch wife?

It is mainly sold to men and lesbians. Entering the 21st century, sex dolls are made of silicone, which has a memory of shape, and have joints and can make various movements, just like the skin and muscles of real humans. Current robot development believes that one day sex machine RealDoll will be manufactured and sold to people. Current manufacturers have introduced this concept and produced some prototypes of the SmartX Love Machine RealDoll that can change body temperature and heart rate.

Those who have never seen it with women do not understand the feelings of women well, and many people who are new to it are confused. Can a woman solve her situation? --Quality Love Doll is a lower body structure that meets the needs of the body, intelligent vibration frequency and sound pressure quality produce regular siphon contraction. Put pressure on the real doll of sexual intercourse experience. The higher the pressure, the more pressure is applied. The private life of the internal structure becomes finer, and the less oppressive it is, the more the secret of the internal structure becomes slack, in turn the tensions antagonize, and the more you continue to exert power, the stronger and stronger you become. .. ?? The body structure is made of silica gel to satisfy the orgasm, it is flexible and easy to carry, and the wash is reusable.

Aiwa is a standard product that solves sexual desire! Modeled after a beautiful real person, Aiwa feels more real in the process of being used by men and can fully serve the purpose of trying to solve sexual desires. Aiwawa can do everything you want and treat her to her lover. She is also sexy and charmingly beautiful, with her lover-like traits. Therefore Aiwa is very easy to use. Intelligent heating in particular allows you to feel the warmth in warm winters.

165cm E Cup Bronze Skin Silicone Sex Doll Hey WM Doll

Differences between love dolls and love dolls What we often call Dutch wife and love dolls belong to the Dutch wife series, which are sex products that substitute for real people and have sexual intercourse. Of course, there are other types of semi-love dolls as well. , Inflated and belongs to the RealDoll series. To understand the difference between a Dutch wife and a anime sex doll, you first need to understand both features. It belongs to both Balloon RealDoll series. The actual functionality is similar. The function of a sex doll is a kind of sexual masturbation device. To achieve the purpose of the physiological desires of the time.

As mentioned above, sex dolls can be divided into three categories: balloon real dolls, half-love real dolls and love dolls. People often refer to RealDoll and Semi-Love RealDoll by inflating Balloon RealDoll.

Let's start with the cheapest and most mentioned Dutch wife. Such a balloon real doll becomes a real real doll to inflate. The appearance a little different from the real person. If you change your posture, the texture will not be good. The quality part is a quality mold like a real person. Second, let's take a look at the half-lover type, which is also a swelling real doll. The so-called semi-love doll means that the head and chest are fixed and no flexibility is required. RealDoll is much better than a pure sex doll. The anti-love doll's chest has the ability to inject water, increasing the elasticity of the chest and making it look like a real chest. Semi-love dolls have a higher simulation level than pure Dutch wives and are not much more expensive than pure Dutch wives, which are generally priced in the hundreds to thousands of yuan. Due to its high level of simulation and reasonable price, the semi-love doll is the most popular sex real doll on the market today.

Finally, let's take a look at women. Another name for women is that most of them are made of silicon, which makes them feel more realistic than swelling real dolls. And that simulation will also be needed, much larger and almost the same as a real person. The love doll has a mechanical frame like a keel inside, so you can change the position of use in various ways, which is more realistic than a general balloon real doll. Love dolls and Dutch wives do not have the same grade. Love dolls are made of silicone and do not need to be inflated, so they are very expensive and usually cost around tens of thousands of yuan, which is unacceptable to the average person. However, the standard of living of people has improved, and small-breasted love dolls are gradually gaining popularity as people enjoy more and more. Because Aiwa uses a full silicon design and a non-expandable design, it is relatively large in shape and cannot be stored like a RealDoll that inflates when folded. It's more open than love, and RealDoll's liking is gradually improving. Love dolls are expensive, but if you are looking for high quality, love dolls will be a good choice.

Finally, let's talk about smart love dolls. General RealDoll can no longer meet the needs of Chinese people. There is already a smart real doll maker in China. Smart Real Doll can speak intelligently. The whole body is warm, the eyes blink, and it moves a little from the mouth. Smart love dolls are also known as robot real dolls. This is a breakthrough for the current general RealDoll, and realizes the intelligence and informatization of RealDoll.

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