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What is the difference between a real love doll and a balloon sex sex doll?

Both real love dolls and balloon sex sex dolls belong to a kind of sex sex sex doll companion. They meet the requirements of human beings, more exciting urban humans than simple sex masturbation devices. Balloon sex doll talk. Inflated as the name suggests. While filling the air with a tool makes it look like a RealDoll or just a part of the skin, the other important parts of the Balloon Small Breast Love Doll are all distinct physical parts made of soft silicone. Sex sex dolls mainly have domestic and overseas, among which Japanese balloon sex sex dolls and American balloon sex sex dolls are the best. We produce Japanese balloon real dolls that we represent and corrosive sex sex dolls like Japanese love sex sex dolls. Even when viewed from a distance, Ipneyo's domestic balloon Dutch wife is delayed in release and needs quality improvement. Real love dolls have a plump texture compared to balloon sex sex dolls. lover.

Real love doll production process

How do you say that now Aiwa is still a relatively secretive product with many products and has important market prospects. Many customers and friends have ideas for developing Aiwa, but they are experiencing difficulties due to lack of technology and it is too late. In reality, production technology is not simple. It's easy, but it's not difficult, if not difficult. I will explain briefly. We are a professional manufacturer of oils, deformations and odors. The product has good tensile strength and good hand feel. The first is a mold, and the mold is generally a two-piece mold of fiberglass reinforced plastic, the head mold can be opened separately and the head can be disassembled and replaced. as you wish. You need a model in your head, and you need to model it! You need solid experience in remolding and remolding to create such headly molded products, using eco-friendly liquid silicone for remolding! Otherwise, the surface that comes in contact with the love doll when it is made is addicted and uncured! ??

173CM H-Cup Chubby Realistic Sex Doll Nakata WM Doll

Course: Silicone in our real love dolls is very smooth. When using, first lock the two molds and pour the silicone into the molds. It is completely cured and molded in 3-4 hours at room temperature. Sex Change the cloaks on both sides of the sex doll! ?? The next step is the process of coloring and making up with realistic sex doll using eco-friendly touch paint. Makeup technique is the same as girl's makeup! Next is surface treatment. If the surface is oily and sticky, we recommend using RealDoll and Telcom powder on the surface of the skin!

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