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Where is the real doll and the high place?

Love dolls and real love dolls are relatively expensive, especially smart love dolls should start at over 10,000 yuan, then what are the benefits of true love dolls? Why do our users spend so much money on love dolls instead of hundreds of yuan or $ 1,200 on balloons and fake love dolls?

Most importantly, the user experience of balloons and fake Dutch wives is certainly not as good as a true love doll. In particular, real love dolls have the following advantages: The types of so-called used love dolls and cheap sex doll are either deceptive or inferior. Compared to these inferior love dolls, the actual love dolls (represented by love dolls) are far inferior in quality, whether by craftsmen, raw materials, or skeleton materials, and are not evaluated at all.

173cm H Cup Mature Sex Doll Life Size Narendra WM Doll

Good finishes, raw materials and frame materials are not only as soft to the touch as they are, but most importantly they have a long life and are extremely durable. So you don't have to buy a second one. One is that if you buy a second, you want to buy something new, or you're tired of the first look, style, and newness, but a good love doll isn't bad, it's really a love doll. And everyone is a love doll, a real advantage. Aiwa, the interior is cheap and not a lot of inferior trash stuffing, but a combination of skin + skeleton. Skin simulation resembles the visual and tactile sensations of real human skin. Maximum simulation, very realistic, feels good to use and gives you the same experience as it really is!

Why is RealDoll so expensive? Where is? R & D and innovation, craftsmanship, raw materials, skeleton materials, production according to national standards, innovation and development of the head. There is no filler in the skeleton other than the skin. It's true love Leather material for sex dolls. It has a long life because it is not expensive and is durable. You don't have to buy it often, like a good piece of furniture or a car set, but you rarely buy it. It is important for companies to develop quality over the long term, whether it is a product with new features that can be bought once and then second, or another product in height. Will it disappear tomorrow today, or will it be a long and lasting development in the industry? Responsible and ethical companies in a long and long industry are those who seek to become innovation-oriented companies.

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