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Why you chose to accompany a real love doll

This is a sad and moving story. British caretaker Dean Bevin divorced for three years and she recently retired and lost her child. A typical "lonely old man". But Dean still has twelve silicone dolls, so I don't think he's alone.

Three years ago, Dean bought his first inflatable doll from a Chinese salesman named Sarah. Sarah may be small, but with a huge breast of 30H, she accompanies Dean all day long. Dean seems to have regained the joy of his life.

Dean gave everyone a name, gave them their own personality, and gave them different clothes.

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Mental changes in the elderly after having a real love doll
Dean now put all his thoughts and all his love on the dolls and went to the mall to buy them clothes.

In addition to the 12 silicone dolls, the heads of the other 4 silicone dolls are also included. He often uses these dolls to change his head and body, but before he does so, he must interact with them. "I apologize for their permission."

Dean's daughter is familiar with her father's hobbies. Because it makes him feel better and makes his life more enjoyable. This is a good thing. Dean doesn't worry about the outside world because his hobbies don't hurt people or cause psychological discomfort.

There are 12 dolls, but Dean's favorite is the first Sarah. He is open to future romance, but he never abandons his girlfriend Sarah in front of anyone Torso his mini sex doll.

Dean also wondered how to arrange these dolls for "more than 100 years". "When I die, I may be cremated, bottled, buried with Sarah and me, or we can reunite with another girl."

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