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Will intelligent sex robots surpass humans?

Earlier this year, South Korean Go representative Lee Sedol fought a confrontation with the sex robot Alpha, who won the European Go tournament for 15 years and shocked the world chess world. Will Go, the "last bastion of human wisdom" in front of artificial intelligence AI love dolls like Alpha, really destroy human intellectual superiority? In fact, the rivalry between AI and humans has been trampling on human self-esteem since ancient times.

In 1994, Chinook won the human defending champion Marion Tinsley, and the sex robot won the human for the first time in chess. In 2007, Chinook fully understood the rules of every game in Checkers and is unrivaled in the field of Checkers. In 1997, Blue Giant IBM's Deep Blue competed with the chess world master (Gary Kasparov) for six fierce battles before Deep Blue wins. In 2006, world champion David Boys lost in a spelling tournament with a score of 465: 482, defeating about 100 human opponents and competing directly against the computer in 18 rounds. "In 2008 Polaris 2 dismissed six of Texas's best poker players. The biggest feature of poker games is uncertainty. It's hard to predict your opponent's playing style. The design of this program. Is really difficult. For the first time in 11 years, IBM computer Watson participated in the US quiz show "Dangerous Edge" and defeated both of the strongest players in the show's history with an astonishing score of three times. Won the championship.

But it's not embarrassing to be a sex robot again. In the future, robots tend to be smarter than us, but I still think humans are better than machines.

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Love doll management and maintenance issues

Love Doll Management and Maintenance Conscience Love doll merchants generally use high quality imported materials and therefore do not produce much oil. Generally, it is said to be washed once every 15 days, and if you apply Telcom powder after bathing, the feeling of use will improve. Use detergent powder, detergent, shower gel, soap, soap. Prohibits total alkaline chemicals such as alcohol. 84 Disinfectant. The integrated love doll can be washed repeatedly with a free washer, and after washing, remove the moisture with a dry cloth and then blow it with a hair dryer to dry it. The split name device is removable, and I personally recommend the total split love stone.

Aiwawa can't wear dark clothes. Aiwawa is easy to absorb colors. After dyeing, it can be removed with a decolorizing cream and applied every 12 hours. Until it is completely deleted. Preservation: Maintain the factory posture during storage that can extend the life of the love stone. A special posture can tear a real love doll that is [happy] standing, making the material firmly for a long time. Non-standing love doll mail order needs to customize the standing model who loves standing realistic sex doll to induce foot penetration. .. RealDoll is wiped with cleansing oil or olive oil, especially if it is dirty.

Now, let's take a look at breastfeeding tips, good mornings, and all your thoughts. Customer very satisfaction is a goal that Aiwawa constantly pursues.

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