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Accessories are something every sex doll owner should buy

Sex doll accessories are a must for every sex doll. They help your doll showcase a variety of appearances, keep the doll in good condition for years, and help you store dolls more easily.

Which sex doll accessories you can choose

1. Sex doll custom options

Detachable Vagina: The appearance and internal texture design of the realistic vaginas are the same as real girls. You can choose from a variety of vaginal types including labia colors, pubic hair, etc. Currently, the removable vagina option is offered for free on our website. The detachable vagina not only allows for sexual pleasure similar to the fixed vagina, but also easy to disassemble and clean.

Sex Doll Wigs: Different hairstyles give your doll a very different look. You can mix and match all kinds of wigs with different hair colors to create different styles of beauty.

Enhanced Mouth Add-On: Want the doll to stick out her sexy tongue to seduce you? Just add a tongue to your lifelike realistic sex dolls! Want a more authentic oral sex experience?

Articulated Fingers: The articulated finger upgrade has been carefully designed with a durable metal knuckle and a rounded tip to protect skin from being punctured easily. Even better, with posable fingers, your doll can mimic gestures the old wire fingers couldn't.

fat sex doll

Other Custom Lifelike Love Doll Options:
sound system
heating system
standing feet
EVO skeletons
Teeth & Tongue Set

2. Best sex doll cleaning and care kit
With the set mentioned above, you can buy your love doll without much effort and regularly maintain it. If the doll gets dirty, you can use TPE safe stain remover to remove the stain. Even if the doll's skin is damaged, you can use TPE Repair Solvent to repair the TPE love doll's skin damage and keep her skin intact.

3. Sex doll storage kit
Flightcase was specially designed and manufactured for lifelike love dolls. This is the easiest way to discreetly store, move and take good care of sex dolls. We also offer clothing racks that you can detach from the doll's neck and hang in your closet, as well as professional doll head storage racks.

4. Sex doll outfit accessories
Dressing up your sex doll is a great way to highlight her personality and always make you fall in love with her. You can change their style as you like. No matter how wild your imagination is, your doll can be anything you want - from an office secretary to a hot girl you picked up at a club.

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