A brief summary of the two materials used to make dolls: TPE and silicone

A brief summary of the two materials used to make dolls: TPE and silicone

TPE love doll is considered to act psychologically, physically and even emotionally and everyone wants to have great sex that is fun. The sex doll industry is growing day by day where people are coming up with the best methods to make sex more pleasurable. A tpe sex doll made of TPE, also known as thermoplastic rubbers, will help you without complaining. You will be able to explore your sexual desires and enjoy yourself with great pleasure as if you were having sex with a real sex partner.

165cm Busty Lover's Wheat Skin-Angie

TPE sex dolls made of latex and cloth materials giving her a human-like feeling. It is considered cheap and high quality, so it is popular with many manufacturers around the world. This TPE love doll is also among the largest, which makes it attractive to people who like large sex partners. Its other advantages include slip resistance, a soft sensational texture, compatible with most water-based lubricants and very flexible.

This TPE love doll makes the whole encounter safe when it comes to your health. It would be the best doll if you are on a budget.

Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) are a mixture of polymers that have both rubber-like and elastic properties. It's also cheaper than silicone while offering the same quality of materials needed to make love dolls. This makes it a preferred material in the manufacturing industry. Silicone, on the other hand, is a rubber made by mixing polymer and carbon. It is usually used in plastic surgery.

♦ Similarities
Both have a soft texture
Both can keep you warm
Both contain no allergens
Both look real

♦ Differences
Silicone is softer than TPE
TPE doesn't smell at all. Silicon has a touch of it
TPE is more elastic while silicone is a bit stiff
Silicon is not compressible, but TPE is
TPE is cheaper while silicon is expensive
Silicon is non-porous, while TPE therefore requires high maintenance
Silicon ages faster than TPE
Silicone is sticky while TPE is flexible and easy to handle


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