Are blonde sex dolls more attractive?

Are blonde sex dolls more attractive?

There are many everyday expressions about appearance characteristics, such as: B. Slim body, attractive electric eyes, slim waist and sexy red lips, sexy sleepy people with big breasts... However, the most common and popular and discussed among men may be related to Goldilocks. Numerous works of popular culture feature blondes, including the 1953 classic "Gentlemen Like Blondes" (Marilyn Monroe with Jane Russell), Rod Stewart's single "Blondes Have More" Fun, and Toronto's Platinum Blonde, whose fame is attributed in part to four dazzling blonde hairstyles . Back to the topic of blonde hair and the use of blonde hair in the making of TPE or silicone sex dolls, do blonde dolls really like what people usually think? Do men really like blonde sex dolls? Does blonde hair affect how others rate other traits?

In a recent study in the journal Scandinavian Psychology, University of Westminster psychologists Viren Swami and Seishin Barrett conducted a study in Greater London to try to determine the effect of hair coloring on women sex dolls. What is the effect?

In the first study, the researchers asked a woman to dye her hair a different color (blonde, brown, red) and then go to several different nightclubs. The researchers then counted how often men approached women. It turns out that more people turn to blonde sex dolls than brown or redhead sex dolls. The results showed that blond women scored better on dependency than women with the other two hair colors. Women with red hair emotionally fared better than the other two hair colors. This seems to confirm the redhead's "hot" impression. There were no significant differences in scores between the women of the three hair colors when assessing levels of sexual confusion, introversion, and neuroticism.

Why blonde sex dolls have become the preference of most men

In ancient times, before the advent of hair dye, the average age of a blonde fair-haired woman was around 15, while the average age of a brown-haired woman was around 35. A 15 year old young woman is obviously more stupid, naïve and lacking in reason, experience and wisdom than a 35 year old. Actually, it's the age difference. Therefore, after meeting a blonde, many people think that the blonde has a low IQ. This is really offensive to blondes. Blonde girls often feel cute, just like Princess Gold Barbie. So when you look at cute barbies, many with blonde hair, looking like little girls, you inspire in a man the deepest desire for protection. The same goes for blonde sex dolls. When you see a beautiful realistic sex doll, it's hard to control your desire to hug this XYCOLO Doll.

Natalie Silicone Oriental Beauty Sexy Doll

The biggest difference between blonde hair and other hair colors is that it deepens into brown hair as it ages. Men tend to choose blondes and subconsciously seek young women of higher reproductive value as marriage partners. It's like a sex doll with big breasts. Big breast sex dolls usually mean lots of milk, soft and bouncy, which can give men more security and satisfaction. The same goes for blonde sex dolls. A lot of guys cheat on blonde girls. You can look back on many TV shows where guys are addicted to these blonde girls. And a lot of TV shows are set up that way, so there's a lot of room for thought.

Most guys can't say no to blonde girls, and the same goes for sex dolls.

If you look at different sex doll sales sites, you will find that many sex doll sites have blonde sex doll options. These sites have various blonde sex dolls that can continue to pique your interest. Some popular sex dolls have blonde love dolls. Blonde dolls top the list. Whether they are real blondes or silicone blonde sex dolls, they are all very attractive and can catch our attention. These blonde sex dolls can be very sexy, for example sex dolls with red lips or very innocent sex dolls. If you want a sex doll, try this sexy and attractive blonde sex doll.


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