Are sex dolls legal to use and buy in Germany?

Are sex dolls legal to use and buy in Germany?

Let's start with the most important points. Yes, it is usually legal to own a sex doll. If we sell them in your country it's because you can have them. If not, it may be because your government has banned the possession of these dolls. Sometimes these prohibitions are for moral or religious reasons. In other cases it is about import and other regulations.

But the sex doll sites that you can find should be legal. If the sale and distribution of love dolls are not allowed in the country, such sites will be banned by the country's network security department.

Are All Sex Dolls Legal?

If you've been following sex doll news, you've probably seen sordid stories of obnoxious people buying and shipping sex dolls that clearly look underage. People are rightly concerned, and many lawmakers are working to enact or strengthen bans on such dolls. Rest assured there are no dolls here that fall into this category. Any cheap sex dolls you order is legal and represents someone over the age of consent.

Sex dolls for minors are not allowed to be used and bought in Germany, therefore no website can sell nude sex dolls for minors. This brings us to another question we are often asked. Can I get a sex doll that mimics a celebrity or adult I know? Let's start with the bad news. tipping.

165cm Wheat Skin Big Breast Angel

We cannot make an exact copy of anyone without their consent. Good news now. We can get very close. Check out some of our anime or figurative love dolls allowed. You bear enough resemblance to the characters you love that most of us will get the closest thing to reality.

The vast majority of sites support the custom sex doll option, which is a great measure. In the lovelovedolls de sex dolls shop, don't forget our customization options. We allow you to choose hair and eye color, skin color and various other characteristics. Our dolls also represent a wide range of body types. Use your imagination and you can get the doll you always dreamed of.

Can I do whatever I want with my sex doll?

In the privacy of your own home or hotel, yes! This is your property and you are usually free to do as you please. We have some restrictions but they do not affect regular customers. For example, if you are interested in reselling sex dolls, we can offer you a way to buy them in bulk.
You can share and use this sexy and cute sex doll to more people.

Remember that we follow strict quality and safety standards when selling our products. Most people cannot sell dolls on their own without proper support. After all, we do business with freight forwarders, retailers, adult entertainment venues and even brothels. Let us know if you are interested in building a relationship.


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