Be careful when choosing love doll clothes

Be careful when choosing love doll clothes

Clothing: Be careful when choosing doll clothing. If the clothes are of poor quality, they can contaminate the doll. TPE has more pores than silicone. Therefore, TPE dolls are more sensitive to pigments and inks than silicone. Your sex dolls may be stained by magazines, newspapers and leather materials. Therefore, be careful when storing dolls. We strongly recommend cotton clothing (good quality).

Bath Dolls: You can deep clean big tits, clean love dolls and shower with antibacterial soap. You sit in a bath doll but do not submerge your head or neck in the water. Remove your face from your face and wipe with a mild antibacterial soap or damp cloth. Dry at room temperature. Remember to apply the update powder (available on Amazon).

No Fees: The appointments are expensive because of the great dinners and surprise gifts that come together. According to current financial plans, falling wages and reduced financial stability are making men more frugal in their love lives. We cannot guarantee that your booking will end in a normal session. For a real woman, you have to invest in her and spoil the gift to get her attention. Don't be a full size sex doll, but she doesn't need to party or present to entertain you. Fall in love with her without repeating the price.

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Skin Care: The best skin care procedure for silicone and TPE sex doll is to use recycled powder. Do not use a hot air dryer to dry the skin. They can soften your skin. It is advisable to apply a powder to the skin with a brush. Don't wear rough clothes. If your skin has ink or oil-soluble dyes, please contact the seller or buy a cleanser.

Do not share: your love doll is not ruthless, but makes friends with other women. There is no emotional strain in working with her. She is always ready to show your wild ideas and keep them warm all day long. Don't worry, their survival rate depends on your happiness. A doll can inject any sense of reality you can imagine and a person can bend from any position where sexual activity can occur.

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