Debunking the top 10 myths about realistic sex dolls with sex doll facts

Debunking the top 10 myths about realistic sex dolls with sex doll facts

Life size or realistic sex dolls have literally become a rage in recent years for various reasons. These adult dolls allow people to explore their sexuality without being judged, fulfill their kinky fetishes, and enjoy sexual pleasure among other things.

Although taboo and stigma surrounding love dolls and sex toys have shrunk significantly in recent years, many people still consider these dolls to be banned.

There could be several reasons for this misconception. However, the main reason is the lack of correct information in the public domain. There is too much misinformation or myth about sex dolls in people's minds. Some people believe sex dolls can be harmful to health while others believe adult dolls are addictive and detrimental to marital relationship.

But it's about time we debunked all these myths and misinformation surrounding sex dolls.
In this piece, we've tried to demystify the top 10 sex doll myths with real facts and explanations. Without fuss, let's learn and debunk each of these myths about sex dolls.

Myth 1. Sex dolls are harmful to health.

Yes, this is the most viral myth we've come across. 4 out of 10 people believe that realistic sex dolls negatively affect their well-being. These people believe adult dolls are made of cheap plastic materials and use dangerous chemicals. But how much truth is there in this belief? We say zero percent!

Yes! Why? Because there is no question of material quality when you buy real sex dolls from a reputable sex doll manufacturer. Most adult doll makers use high quality materials like TPE and silicone to make these dolls.

TPE is a thermoplastic elastomer is a material that exhibits both thermoplastic and elastomeric properties. TPE material has high impact resistance, excellent resistance to chemicals and weathering are recyclable.

Similarly, silicone material also has high elasticity, excellent temperature resistance, and is recyclable. Since most real sex dolls are made from either of these two materials, you shouldn't worry about the quality.

Therefore, the misconception that realistic sex doll are harmful to health is completely wrong in our research. However, be aware that if you're buying a cheap sex doll to save a few bucks, chances are it's made out of cheap materials.

So we suggest you always buy love doll from real adult doll maker like Lovelovedolls to be sure of the product quality.

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Myth 2. All sex dolls are the same size and measurements.

This is another misconception that many people have. For some reason they believe that all realistic sex dolls are of similar measurements i.e. H. Height, body type, breast size, lip shape, vagina depth, etc. But actually, this is nothing but a myth.

Realistic sex dolls are available in large varieties. These dolls are adjustable and vary in size overall. In fact, there are different categories to differentiate these dolls based on various characteristics like height, breast size, booty shape, vaginal depth, lip color, hairstyle, etc.

You can buy a sex doll of your choice based on your sexual preferences. For example, if you like a woman with huge breasts, buy a K cup sex doll or L cup sex doll. If you like blondes more than everyone else, buy blonde sex dolls too. There are also male sex dolls as well as female sex dolls.

The categories of these dolls don't end with body features, but there are also AI sex dolls! Yes, AI sex dolls or robotic sex dolls are smarter than regular adult dolls. These AI dolls are equipped with deep learning capabilities that allow them to react, moan, move, react, and even ejaculate during sexual interaction!

Do you still think that all realistic sex dolls have the same measurements and look the same? We hope not!
Just like the previous myth about sex dolls, this belief is also wrong in our study.

Myth 3. Sex dolls are addictive.

There is a large proportion of people who avoid buying realistic sex dolls because they think sex dolls are addictive. are you one of them If so, let's find out how true this belief is.

First, let's understand what addiction is. Addiction can be defined simply as the strong tendency to repeatedly do, use, or indulge in something. This means that sex dolls play very little if any role when it comes to addiction. However, the fact is that all people have a different type of sexuality and libido. Some people need sex three times a day while there are people who only need it once a week!

That means if you're a person with a high libido, you'll be riding these damn sexy, realistic lifelike sex dolls three times a day. But this does not make adult dolls an addictive item indeed as one can always refrain from using sex dolls repeatedly if they have strong willpower.

But if you are a sex maniac who only thinks about sex all day long, don't blame sex dolls for the addiction because YOU are the problem here, not the adult dolls.

As with previous beliefs, our research has found that this belief is not true.

Myth 4. Regular use of realistic sex dolls can negatively affect your libido.

Many people believe that daily use of sex dolls can negatively affect users' libido. But before we debunk this myth, let's first understand what libido is. For those in the know, libido is a person's general sexual drive or desire for sexual activity. In relatively simple terms, it is a factor that defines your sexual power.

But how true is it that regular use of realistic adult sex dolls can negatively affect your libido? We think it's all in the air. There is no concrete evidence for this claim. Also, you must understand that having sex with an adult sex doll is very similar to having sex with a real person.

If regular sex doll use affects libido, having sex with your partner should also affect it. But we've never heard of anything like this. Do we have? How come sex dolls affect men's libido?

Instead, we believe that regular sex with adult dolls can certainly make you good in bed. It helps you explore your hidden skills and experiment with new sex positions and new techniques.

Therefore, this view, like all other previous beliefs, is wrong in our study.

Myth 5. Realistic sex dolls spread STIs.

STI stands for Sexually Transmitted Infections. Sex dolls are very unlikely to get STIs. However, we cannot thoroughly deny this possibility. If you don't clean the sex doll after using it, STIs can occur.

Infections like gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes and HPV can certainly be transmitted by sharing realistic sex dolls with your friends. Although these bacteria do not survive long outside the body, it is recommended that adult dolls be thoroughly cleaned after each use. Also, it is recommended that you do not share it with your friends. But in case you can't say no to your buddy, just make sure he cleans the sex doll well after banging her so good!

Also check the sex doll regularly to make sure there is no damage or scratches. Such damage can increase the risk of infection and harm your body. Also prefer to use the condom when drilling. It's always better not to take chances when it comes to health.

In conclusion, the belief that realistic sex dolls spread STIs is not entirely true. However, it is possible that you share it with your friends and do not clean it.

Myth 6. Sex dolls negatively affect relationships.

Another common sex doll myth is that it negatively affects your relationship with your partner. The fact is that this is not the case. We must understand that people only buy realistic sex dolls when they are not happy or satisfied with their sex life. The reasons could be that you have a higher libido than your partner, for example, or you are experimenting with something that your partner is not satisfied with.

When people are not satisfied with their partner, they buy an adult sex doll. These dolls improve the relationship. If the person gets what they need from this doll, they will be happy. It's also possible that if sex dolls hadn't existed, people would have preferred hookers - which is a little more problematic than using adult dolls.

Because you can't get feelings for realistic sex doll because it's nothing but a mannequin. However, in the case of a prostitute, you can develop feelings for her, which will make your relationship with your partner even worse.

So it is not true that sex dolls negatively affect your relationship. Instead, it's exactly the opposite.

Myth 7. We can't replace sex dolls body parts.

Blatant lie! No matter you bought the sex dolls in USA or UK, you can replace the body parts of realistic sex dolls if needed. In fact, there is a wide range of adjustable adult dolls in the sex doll market, which allows you to change any part of the dolls when you are bored.

You can replace the head, hair, lips, breasts, hips and even vagina whenever you want. Although these modifiable dolls are a bit more expensive than regular dolls, it's worth it. Most realistic sex doll manufacturers miss this aspect when creating sex dolls, while at Fraudoll we create cheap sex dolls that are modifiable.

For example, if you bought B cup sex dolls when you bought them, but now you want to replace the breasts with larger ones, you can contact the manufacturer. The same rule applies to any body part.
You may have bought a sex doll as a joint venture with your buddy. But you both have different likes and tastes for women. One likes busty women while others want a skinny one. In such cases, always opt for modifiable dolls that allow you to swap out any body part if needed.

The Myth: We cannot replace sex doll body parts that turn out to be untrue.

Myth 8. Sex dolls require high maintenance.

No it does not. Instead, far less maintenance is required. You only have to worry about cleaning it after each use. If you use these dolls responsibly, there is no risk of damaging them. Careful use will surely extend its lifespan.

However, it is recommended that you clean it thoroughly with soap after each use. Also, be careful when replacing the part. If you don't know how to properly replace a sex doll's hips or breasts, contact the company.

Also, keep in mind that realistic sex dolls look like humans but are not. They are made of steel, TPE, silicone and other high quality materials. Therefore, these dolls do not bend as much as we do. Also, it is not possible to perform sex with sex dolls in all positions like we do with our partner. There are some limits to his ability.

So don't bend it too much.
If you care about all these small but important things, the sex doll will last a long time and will not require high maintenance.

Myth 9. Sex dolls are taboo.

Yes, there are a lot of little people out there who still consider sex toys and sex dolls taboo. They believe that sex with things other than people is an illegal practice. But we believe otherwise.

We believe happiness should be the ultimate goal of human life. There is nothing wrong with using realistic sex dolls or sex toys if they bring you pleasure and make you happy. In addition, the fulfillment of sexual needs is a crucial factor for a happy life.

But for some reason, sex dolls can be a great option to solve this problem if you are not happy with your bed partner or if you don't have a partner at all. It is possible that you can get STDs or STDs from the prostitute, but when you use a sex doll, this possibility decreases significantly.

Therefore, it is true that some people consider sex toys and sex dolls taboo. However, we believe that this belief is nothing but the result of partial information or disinformation about the adult dolls.

Myth 10. Realistic sex dolls are expensive.

are they Certainly not. But that doesn't mean they're cheap. We all understand the fact that genuine products are always expensive compared to inferior quality products. As these products are made from high quality materials such as TPE, silicone and steel, it is obvious that they would be expensive.

However, you can have good quality realistic sex dolls in the price range of $1000-$2000. Again, prices depend on what type of parts you choose. For example, if you prefer an M cup sex doll to an A cup sex doll, the cost will be a little higher.

Likewise, most sex doll manufacturers have sex robots for sale. So if you choose adjustable sex dolls or sex robots instead of the regular sex dolls, the prices would surely be higher.

But it is always advisable to spend a few dollars more if you can get good quality dolls. After all, you have to use it every day, and cheap materials can negatively affect your well-being. Always prefer real sex doll manufacturers like Fraudoll who only use high quality materials.


As we have reached the era where people are relatively more open about their sexuality and sexual preferences, it has become necessary to debunk all myths about sex dolls to ensure only the right information reaches the public. We hope that the 10 most realistic sex doll myths that we have demystified in this article will no doubt help first-time sex doll buyers to make a wise and perfect decision.

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