Determine your budget before buying a love doll

Determine your budget before buying a love doll

Today's sex dolls have so much to offer and fulfill almost every desire! They come in different heights, with different options for breast size and body shape. You can also choose from a selection of skin tones, wig styles and eye colors. If you prefer a built-in vagina or a separate vaginal opening, the choice is yours.

We also offer more than just female dolls. lovelovedolls offers both male sex dolls and shemale sex dolls. The shemale dolls are beautiful and feminine, but they also have rock hard abs and a penis, and you can choose between interchangeable penises that are flaccid and erect to expand your play options.

When choosing your real dolls, you have to follow several steps to choose the best one for your needs and preferences:

Yuuka-150cm Beautiful Body Yellow-haired Wheat-colored Wife

Step 1: Determine your budget

Realistic sex dolls can be very expensive, but not all dolls cost over $1,000. You can still find a beautiful and realistic sex doll if you are on a budget. Cost is important to many people, but you should still be able to buy a sex doll. Browse our cheap sex dolls if price is an issue. Keep in mind that more expensive dolls can be more durable and come with additional features. So it might be worth saving up for the perfect sex doll.

Step 2: Choose the size of your doll

Sex dolls come in different heights, so you can choose one that suits your preferences and your own body for more comfortable play. Our dolls are between 65 cm and 180 cm tall and weigh between 15 kg and 40 kg. If you want a big girl, you can have one! However, we recommend the shorter sex dolls (100cm – 145cm) for your first doll as these dolls are also lighter and easier to transport, clean and use. Once you are comfortable with your regular sized doll, you can upgrade to a larger one (158cm - 170cm), but the choice is entirely yours.

Step 3: Choose the physical characteristics of your love doll

Whether slim or plump, young or mature, with us you will find the doll for your taste and your wishes. We offer dolls with big or small breasts, full or normal butts and more. Not only can you choose from multiple options for skin and eye color or wig styles, you can also choose from different ethnicities and face styles including Anglo-American, Asian, Young Girl, Dominant Woman, Cartoon, Anime, Manga, Elf and Loli.

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