Do you know how a sex doll skeleton should work?

Do you know how a sex doll skeleton should work?

TPE dolls are similar in height and weight to real people. Our TPE doll can move like a human body. As long as the true angle of human skeletal joints is maintained, no pose will resist your sex doll.

Teen sex dolls made by adults are sometimes notoriously heavy. Be careful if you have back pain. Over time, you will learn to set and manipulate joints as easily as a pro.

The lifespan of a sex doll depends on good practices in use, maintenance, and hygiene. These aspects are entirely your responsibility. This lifetime also depends on the material from which the model is made. Each brand of sculpted dolls has its own material and skeleton. We strongly recommend every love doll lover to learn more about bone options: kneecap, rigid or flexible. We also recommend checking the authenticity and origin of the model purchased (commitment to seriousness, professionalism, in particular quality materials and compliance with EC standards). Without this guarantee, you may end up with an inexpensive copy of the original model: the durability of this skeleton does not match that of a real sexy doll.

The importance of the quality of the sex doll's joint attachment

Each love doll has its own bones and joints. The joints of this metal frame are initially fixed. They relax with use and time. This tightening can hold the pose for hours or days. Some brands like DSDoll offer skeletons with flexible joint attachment. In this case, it is impossible to hold the pose for a long time. This type of bone is preferred when only sexual use is required.

To avoid unpleasant surprises in the joints, it is advisable to handle the bones in moderation, calmly and gently. Any operation should be performed with hands on the extremities. If the operation requires excessive force, you can be sure that the operation will not go as it should. Applying excessive force to a sex doll's joints can increase the risk of breakage or tearing. If a blockage occurs, a little back and forth motion will help bring it back to its original position.

A guide to using a sex doll skeleton

How do sexy Real Dolls' legs curl?
The easiest and most suitable way to raise a reality sex doll's legs is as follows:

1. Lay your model on her back
2. Hold your stomach with one hand and your ankle with the other
3. Use the lever to raise the leg to the desired height.

How can you bend your sex doll's knees?

To flex a sex doll's knee joint, you will need:

1. Lay your model on her back
2. Place one hand firmly on your stomach, and then grab your ankle with the other
3. Bend your knees

How to raise a real doll's arm?

To raise the lifelike doll's arms, you can follow the steps below:

1. Lay your model on her back
2. Press firmly on the upper chest with one hand and grasp the forearm with the other
3. Apply leverage and adjust as needed.

Do not apply force to the model's wrists or fingers during this process. Also, the armpit is a very sensitive area and the TPE or silicone layer is very thin. We do not recommend long-term poses with raised arms.

How to bend the elbow

To bend the doll's elbows, you can do the following:

1. Lay your model on her back
2. Press firmly on the upper chest with one hand and grasp the forearm with the other
3. Bend the elbow and adjust as needed.

How to rotate your sex doll's torso?

To rotate your love doll's torso, you must:

1. Put your left hand on your left shoulder
2. Put your right hand on your right shoulder
3. Rotate from right to left and vice versa

To lengthen or arch your torso, you can:

1. Place one hand on your chest and the other on your lower back
2. Press firmly as shown below.

138cm Elsa Wheat Skin with Big Breasts

How do you keep your sex doll upright?

If you selected the ankle support/standing option, only the standing position is taken into account. Without this option, you cannot hold your sexy doll in a fully autonomous upright position.
You may be wondering why your realistic sex doll has 3 screws under her feet? These 3 metal reinforcements strengthen the ankle and are the support point to keep your sex doll upright.

In order for your doll to be able to stand up completely on her own, you need to find the perfect balance. Finding this balance can be tricky when it comes to milf sex dolls with very large breasts. In fact, when the center of gravity is shifted forward, it becomes difficult to achieve this balance.

How to keep your live doll upright:

- 1. The doll must be completely straight with legs partially apart
- 2. The ground must be hard and level
- 3. Feet must be flat on the floor, making sure heels are placed first.

Protect wrists and hands
Try not to press your palms together. Also avoid excessive hand pulling or force.

protect armpits
As previously mentioned, raising the sex doll's arms puts stress on the TPE or silicone sheet. This tension can lead to tearing. Therefore, we recommend avoiding this type of location for too long.

protection hole
Leg separations that are too wide/wide should only be considered during intercourse. In order to protect the vaginal opening (vagina and/or anus) as much as possible, prolonged use of this position should be avoided.

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