Do you know how to replace life size love dolls?

Do you know how to replace life size love dolls?

Change the sex doll's clothes in time

The biggest problem when buying love doll clothes is finding the right size. Unlike real people, bringing a love doll to a store to try on is not very realistic. Therefore, it is important to know the size in advance.

It's a little easier if you have a life-size lifelike sex doll. These sizes are very similar to ours, so choose the right size. Most love dolls are around 5 feet tall, you can easily customize your love doll based on the weight you choose when ordering.

When you buy a love doll online, the love doll store will randomly prepare clothes for you. In order for your love doll to look the way you want, you need to buy the right clothes from the store. All love dolls are designed to imitate the human body. So you can directly buy clothes for real people.

Change Real Dolls head - eye color, makeup, hair color

Makeup is also relatively easy to manage. However, some love dolls are made by manufacturers and cannot be disassembled. If you want your face to look different than usual, why not get a simple looking doll? Also pay attention to the actual makeup used in the love doll. silicone sex doll usually has eye and lip makeup on her face. With long-term use, the color will fade normally. But there is a way to recover. Be careful with cosmetics, it is best to find a professional makeup artist.

Real Doll's wig

In addition, there are a variety of styles, such as long hair, short hair, curly hair, straight hair, etc. The color changes are rich, and DIY is also possible. There are currently three main types of wig materials on the market: ordinary silk, permed silk and real hair. It varies in price and quality.

1. Ordinary silk: the price is cheap, the shape is basically solid, but the quality is a little inferior, it is difficult to maintain and easy to spoil, so the price is 1000-2000 yen.

2. High temperature wire: middle price, this kind of wire is resistant to high temperature. Like most cosplay wigs, you can DIY different styles. It is characterized by smoothness, and the price ranges from 3000 to 6000 yen.

3. Buy human hair for nude sex dolls: Expensive and made of human hair

168cm Ski Temptation Woman - Chloe

Change love doll's shoes

The size of love doll shoes should be determined by the manufacturer for reference. Please check the size on the product page or contact us. Love dolls have different legs. So, to try it, you still have to buy it. How to fit depends on the style of the clothes. Even if the love doll wears shoes, do not leave her for a long time.

Accessories for sex dolls

You can decorate your living love doll with accessories. Various hats, headwear, hairpins, etc. can be worn on the doll's head. Rings, necklaces/bracelets and anklets can be attached to the body. You can attach brooches, corsets, school badges and ties to your clothes. You can wear stockings on your feet. It also comes with props like a leather whip and a backpack. Let's get to our taste.

In general, changing clothes and wigs of lifelike love doll can be the best way to make sex doll sexier. This makes a great gift for a lover doll, almost as much as buying a new one. If you are a little tired of love dolls, try changing your look in a relaxing way.


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