Do you know how to take care of your sexdoll?

Do you know how to take care of your sexdoll?

A very important task for sex doll owners is to clean their dolls after use. This not only helps keep the doll in good shape, but is also for your own protection. Rest assured, cleaning lovelovedolls sex doll is easy and only takes a few minutes. Please be patient and observe the content of the following articles, which will be of great benefit to your doll.

How long does it take for a love doll to remain uncontaminated? Soak in detergent for 10 minutes to see if the water has color. In addition, you can use individual parts for dye testing. Generally, if the water is colorless, the sex doll has no color. However, new clothes should be washed until the soaked detergent water no longer has any color, which is no longer possible after 5-6 washes.

Cecelia-153cm Wheat Short Hair Young Doll WM DOLL

Are newly purchased sex dolls prone to stains?

In general, it depends on the clothes. If the clothes themselves are not dyed, they will not be dyed. If you are afraid of dyeing, it is recommended to wear stain-free undersuits or light-colored clothes. Will the white fabric dye the sex dolls? The white fabric will not be dyed, but the colored fabric will be dyed, and generally the colored fabric on the body will be dyed when heated by the body.

How to take care of silicone sex doll wigs?

You can use shampoo and then apply some conditioner to make it softer.

Do dolls lose oil?

Which material is out? oil will leak out. The degree is different. You'll get used to it and you'll get used to it.

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