Do you know the difference between inflatable dolls and real dolls?

Do you know the difference between inflatable dolls and real dolls?

Solid sex dolls, also called love doll or inflatable doll, is a type of sex toy in the shape and size of a real sex partner, mainly used for masturbation. The sex dolls come in different shapes and sizes, some may consist of the entire body of a sex partner, some may consist of only the head, pelvis or other body parts, while others consist only of sex accessories such as the vagina, anus, mouth and penis for sexual stimulation . solid sex dollsThe parts of these sex dolls sometimes vibrate according to the user's needs and sometimes even interchangeable.

In this article, we will focus on examining the differences between solid and inflatable sex dolls. They are as listed below:

(1) The solid skeleton of the sex dolls is made of titanium alloy with various joints and technical support that allows you to pose the doll as you like. On the other hand, the inflatable sex dolls only have the upright posture, which is good to meet everyone's needs.

(2) Solid sex dolls appear more realistic due to the complex materials and craftsmanship used to make them, while the inflatable sex toys appear less real due to their inflatable nature which only gives them the doll-like appearance.

(3) The solid sex dolls are quite expensive and offer users a high level of satisfaction, while the inflated dolls are low in satisfaction and they are also cheaper in the market.

For those with sensitivity issues or those who are not getting the satisfaction they need from their partners, sex dolls may be best for you.

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