Do you think love dolls can be good sex therapists?

Do you think love dolls can be good sex therapists?

One solution to this is sex education, and for that, using silicone most realistic sex doll could come in handy. The dolls have been tinted in various shapes and forms and various parts are offered that can be used for teaching. Sex therapists can use these dolls and their various parts to give instructions. Also, couples are free to practice with a sex doll before their real play.

lovelovedolls is proud to sell this kind of products that help others gain their trust just like we have.

BEAUTIFUL ART PROJECTS: Crazy artists with crazy ideas have often used sex dolls for their project. Speaking in this context, one remembers that some time ago James Franco actually created an orgy with a sex doll, which he used to tell the story of how things went behind the scenes of Rebel Without a Cause.

June Korea [1] also makes particular use of the puppets, as they are the main content of his photographic exploration of human emotions. And no kidding, the pictures are really impressive.

In order to support creative artists and photographers who need sex dolls for their projects, we offer the best retail price for high quality silicone sex dolls that give the art project the human feel and energy it needs even though there is no real human.

Hellen -172cm B Cup WM Denim Shorts Doll


There are other crazy ideas about using a sex doll that will have you like "Really?!" Have fun

– PERSONAL PROTECTION: Are you traveling alone and afraid of being harassed? Then you should consider letting a real dolls sit next to you on the plane. While we don't guarantee this, some say you should try it.

- GAG GIFTS: If you are the best man for a doped groom and need to pull an adult prank, you might consider using a sex doll.

- TOILET PAPER HOLDER: You can actually use the suction cup dildo as toilet paper by simply pressing it against the wall and it stands.

- HANGER: You know nipple clamps right, you can actually use these clamps to hang pictures and capture memories around the house.

- HEADREST: When traveling, you could go along with a fake V and just lean against it, to the chair.

There are so many other uses for sex dolls; it all depends on how creative you are. This post is not rigid, content could be added and you could help by sharing other uses your creative self knows right in the comments section. Have fun!

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