Does temperature have a big impact on TPE sex dolls?

Does temperature have a big impact on TPE sex dolls?

When you touch the love doll made of TPE material for the first time, you will experience the feel of TPE, which is unmatched by other materials. But have gamers ever wondered what is the best temperature to store TPE sex dolls at? The lovelovedolls store has the answer for everyone.

When you buy a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) love doll, you realize how similar TPE feels to human skin. But have you ever wondered what temperature TPE dolls are best stored at? Today I explain it to you.

Avoid using hot water to wash TPE sex dolls

The data shows that real TPE Real Doll should avoid washing with water above 70℃. Hot water or high temperature hot water will destabilize and melt the TPE material. This is just like what happens with human skin. When our skin is damaged by heat, it can become very fragile and cause peeling or burning.

Low temperature treatment will have less effect on sex doll than high temperature treatment

TPE is a very soft material, it can be stretched 5 to 10 times, but once the internal stability is destroyed, it is irreversible, unlike silicone which can withstand extremely high temperatures without damaging the physical structure .

157cm Sexy Wheat Skin Whip Sexy Doll

In addition, the low temperature impact on TPE material may not be as serious as the high temperature impact. Just like humans, the physical doll's skin feels stiff under low temperature conditions, and the doll's "swaying" feeling is suppressed. If the silicone sex doll is placed in a very cold room, it will become a rigid, rigid model that feels like plastic.

How to get a deformed SexDoll back into shape

The difference between low and high temperature is that high temperature destroys the physical structure of TPE while low temperature is different. Once the Real Doll is stored at the right temperature, the original stiffness will slowly disappear and return to its original state.

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